Scottish Watches Podcast #26 : The One Where We Talk About Tight Holes

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Episode 26 here and available for your aural pleasure, so what do we have for you today?

Today’s show is brought to you by the sound of “huh”

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We talk old fairground arcade games and ask should we launch the Scottish Watches Daily Show as we start catching up with other podcasters in terms of episodes produced, as ever it is all about quantity rather than quality, but how about those quality pencils from the pencil museum.

Scottish Watches road trip anyone?

I get fatshamed by Rikki, the chicken wristed so and so, for breaking my Murph watch on its first wearing, it is lovely and a proper size, once I fixed it.

Does anyone out there want to go to Amsterdam to report on an Oris/Fratello Watches event for Scottishwatches, just don’t take more than one watch with you.

We review the various April Fools from Monday and get trolled by AP.

Well done Seiko on your URL, but Ariel have you slept off the jet lag yet?

Omega didn’t do their marketing homework and had a nightmare April Fools and @floatlite is alive!

Baselworld appears to have been good for the journos but bad for the owners and we look forward to the Scottish Watch stand at Baselworld 2020 – just don’t tell security we’ve pitched a tent!

We talk about or market analysis post and particularly in relation to AP and Rikki’s vintage BLNR

Rikki’s Uncle has a lot to answer for, but one of those things is not Grand Seiko new model range and pricing strategy, but Rikki is now banned by Seiko and will never see them or his Uncle (in Barlinnie ) again thanks to pointing out how cluttered their dials are and comparing them to 90’s era Subaru interiors.

We talk pronunciation….this is how you pronounce Gauss as in Milgauss

Come on TGV if you are going to accuse Hodinkee of something, be brave enough to name them, chicken, it just makes you look like you forgot their name.

And we stop the Hodinkee bashing, although Rikki is gutted he did not appear in your style guide, biker jackets are so 1990’s Rikki, but no fake watches this year.

We are not breaking up the band yet but we ask who will be the first to do a “Mo Johnston” and transfer between online watch media, and where would we like to go to if we could.

Finally, did you spot all the “easter eggs in our April Fools posts?

Horribly bad podcast transcription from Google located here – ah the Scottish accent –