Review : Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Auto With Limited Edition Packaging

“Resistance is futile”, sorry that is a different Sci-Fi Film, or perhaps that is just Hodinkees marketing departments internal monologue, because I fell for it, the tempting partnership between the watch behemoth and Hamilton… ūüôā and I am so glad I did, what a wonderful watch.

This complete package inspired by the film Interstellar¬†is wonderful, (trying very hard to avoid obvious¬†“out of this world” type expressions, I hope you appreciate¬†my stoicism in the face of such low hanging fruit).

You could buy this watch in two forms, an unlimited edition from Hodinkee and Hamilton and presumably your local Hamilton AD, or you could register, again via Hodinkee and/or Hamilton and hope to receive an invitation you could respond to as rapidly as possible to secure 1 of a limited edition version of 2,555, but not of the watch, a limited edition of the packaging.

Oh how far we have fallen when 2,555 of anything represents a limited edition and when it is not even the watch that is special just the packaging it is contained in.

I received my¬†“invitation” to purchase while slung between two mountains in a cable car in Italy, from bottom to top is a 5 min journey, and the watch was duly bought and paid for within those brief¬†minutes.

Upon arriving home in the UK I was greeted by a desk full of undealt with mail and various parcels but one was obviously a box containing a watch, that was being opened first, the bills and real work could continue to wait.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

Cardboard outer removed the initial greeting is a fine black cardboard outer with white sleave, easily removed to reveal the full black box. A black box just like any other but because of the Sci-fi relationship already has me thinking all Stanley Kubrick.

So now time to wrestle the top box lid off, I have never understood just how so much friction can be created between these two parts that continually make this process so difficult, and with the back of my mind whistling to the tune of “limited edition packaging” I am trying to be properly careful, for a change.

The next layer reveals a peak of the Tesseract inspired cube a design worked on by the films own production designer, Nathan Crowley. Lovely.

Then time for the full packaging reveal, was this really worth the wait? Answer Yes.

You can instantly tell that while this is not an expensive watch at £835 some proper work has been put into this packaging by a proper designer, it is heavy and grand and really wants you to display it somewhere not just stick it back in cardboard and bung it in a cupboard, this box deserves a mantlepiece.

But that is just the Amuse-bouche, the main course requires an opening.

And what loveliness we have inside.

The Hamilton Khaki Field watch is a staple of Hamilton and a goto for many collectors starting off in the “watch game” a robust and reliable daily wearer, which can be a strap monster and so take on many different looks and be easily rejuvenated¬†by a change of strap colour or style if you feel you need a change of wrist real-estate.

However this one is a bit of a break from the usual mold, it breaks from the more common 38mm sizing being a full up 42mm and in having cathedral hands, something which I don’t think exists in any other Khaki Field watch. (Hit me up in the comments below if you know differently)

I love that fact that it is a full up 42mm, as a Panerai is my daily wearer I have come to the conclusion that anything less than 40 simply does not feel right to me, witness my Podcast thoughts on my also recently acquired Hodinkee Seiko Alpinist, still for sale BTW.

It contains an H-10 movement giving an 80-hour power reserve so it can be removed Friday night and still be ticking Monday morning if you like. The H-10, as I understand it, does have a date function normally. This is not used on the Murph, and the crown position for it has also been removed, which is great. Fully lumed hands and for the movie aficionados lume dotted on the second hand in film scene appropriate morse code in the word”Eureka”

It is not perfect I did have one particular issue with this one, have a listen to episode 26 of the podcast for the full effect, but basically, I wear my watches either very tight or very loose. In this case, tight was the requirement and with the brand new uncrinkled strap and me trying to make the next hole on the strap, ping and it was off.

I would say the spring bar is ever so slightly too short and with the hole in the strap very tight, the spring bar sleeve was clearly caught and so also not fully engaged, so advice, always check the spring bars before putting on any new watch, lesson learned.

This is my first ever Hamilton watch and I am so glad that it is this one, it will get some regular wear and it is a long term keeper, movie fan or not, and I am a big fan, this is simply a great watch for less than £1K that simply feels to me like a £1K+ watch, but value proposition aside, it simply wears great, looks great and lumes great.

I wouldn’t mind the reinstatement of the date complication but then that wouldn’t be the Murph!

Sequel anyone?


You should check out a bit of the back story as told by Hamilton CEO Sylvain Dolla on the Worn & Wound podcast Ep.92, well worth a listen.