News : World Watch Index – Week 9 Grey 1084.18+38.16 Preloved Index 1061.11+18.15…. “The Only Way Is Up”

Well in week 8, just after Basel and the discontinuation of the Rolex BLNR 116710 the used market just about caught up on the grey in one leap due largely in part to a rocket in 116710 prices.

The Daytona still a beauty and still selling Grey market for much more than retail

This week (week 9)  some normality, if that is ever a word that can be used in this world returned.

Grey market prices had a wee surge of their own, again largely in part to 116710 price jump. (Perhaps it just took the owners of grey market watches a week longer than those in the used market to mark up their stock.) while the used market still climbed but at a less rapid pace.

While the good folk at Watchbox in the form of Josh and Jason ran with the potential of a mini-slump in AP prices and while we saw a similar stall a couple of weeks ago, so far this just looks like a pause in AP pricing while others became the focus of attention in Basel, where AP was not present.

So while in this authors opinion we are still living in “strange times” immediately after Baselworld 2019 there are some early signs that those that have rushed headlong into stocking up for investment purposes on 116710 are now starting to see some sense as prices, while still rising, are now flattening out.

We are now approaching the zone where the Swatch Groups so far secret releases due for May are only a couple of weeks away so it will be interesting to see what happens to their existing lines, in the next few weeks as the bucket of new releases starts to leak.

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So have a good week, and remember don’t buy what you cant afford.

If you can get one a Patek is still looking like a genuine investment opportunity