Article : So You Are Going To A Watch Meetup Or Keeping Up with the Joneses

If you are a watch geek (congratulations, you have found your way to the right support group here!), a get-together (GTG to us cognoscenti) is both an exciting and anxiety-inducing event.

A RedBar Edinburgh Event, basically beer and watches


Sure, you will find yourself surrounded by people who will understand your “unpolished lugs” and “Swiss lever vs co-axial” banter – which is lovely. But, the worry nagging you will invariably kick in – what watch should you wear and will it match the pieces tossed ‘oh-so-casually’ onto the table/bar/car bonnet for the inevitable Instagram watch pile pic?

Pile On! even more watches after even more beer


Now, here I am assuming you own more than 1 watch. That is a little elitist of me, and if you do only own one watch and you care to stop reading here. (WELL DONE, btw!)

Go in peace and enjoy your life, you lucky duck!

If you are anything like me (male, middle class and socially awkward) you will likely have multiple options to choose from in your watch box or sock drawer. The tough decision looms!

Do you go with your A-GAME dollar piece (we all have one!), which will signal to the others that you are serious about this horological madness?  OR, do you play it cool and go with an obscure or quirky number regardless of its true dollar value, risking that the others there won’t appreciate the uniqueness of the production year, lack of font serifs or some other minutiae of your well-chosen (but sadly non-mainstream) “unicorn”. What to do, indeed?


Now, I fully appreciate that this anxiety may not rise in the cockles of the [insert any over-paid and over-despised profession here] douchebags, who will casually throw down a $50K+ “middle-life crisis” grand complication gaudy monstrosity onto the table as if it is nothing. Those people (almost invariably male, btw) do not warrant consideration in polite society.

Like the misguided folks who say “deployment” instead of “deployant” – there’s no hope for them!

But what about you!

Well, my humble advice – only take your passion pieces. Those whose ownership thrills you the most!

Confession time.

At most GTGs I’ve been to, I could not match the $$$-value of most pieces on the table (and I’m cool with that – after a lot of professional therapy). The watches I seek and own come with rich stories (and not always matching price tags).


Whether it’s an obscure sunrise/sunset-indicating Martin Braun or a quartz Accurist Greenwich I bought at Greenwich, the watches I’ve shown off represent my collecting journey; and I have found my most memorable horological events are those where I enjoyed the stories (and not necessarily the watches) of others there.



So, my humble advice – go with what floats your passion (whether it is a Kickstarter tourbillon from the “wrong side” of the Swiss Alps or a long-defunct funky Alain Silberstein).


Odds are – yours will be the ONLY ONE of those there (unlike the Submariners, Speedmasters or Royal Oaks cluttering the canvas – all fine watches, of course).


Your passion should surprise, inspire and educate others at the gathering; and was it not whimsy, love and fun that drove us into this ticking craziness in the first place?

Enjoy your next GTG!