#ScottishWatches Week 26

Happy Fourth of July weekend to any of you who take part in such things. Otherwise, happy Week 26, of #scottishwatches photos, which is obviously the more important event. As the sun gets hotter and hotter and forces me indoors, embracing the air conditioner, I see many of you suffer no such weakness, still out and about creating photographic brilliance. Here are the best of the week:


First up is something I never thought I would see in this life, outside of a drunken night gone horribly wrong: A Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight right in the toilet. I don’t know if this shot by the suitably named @crapwatchphotography is low-brow humour, or high-brow Dada-esqe art. Either way it makes you stop and take notice, and isn’t that the point of art at the end of the day? Discuss.


Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Next up is @inquisitivewatches with a brilliant little Scottish Watches-inspired watercolor (correct me if I’m wrong about that). A Hairy Coo with some watches and a little balloon for a splash of color. Not a photo, per se, but excellent work nonetheless.


@Nash_watch_shots adds another utility to the very capable Rolex Submariner by leaning on it as a fishing companion. Rolex should take note of this and create a line of fishing watches with lure-inspired names. Imagine the Rolex Hula-Popper, or the Rolex Hoot-a-Nanny. Solid gold idea.


Continuing the theme of watches as tools for old man sports, the aptly named @golfspymbp brings us this cool shot of the coke-bezeled Timex Q amongst some golfing paraphernalia. I love to see different takes and angles (pardon the pun) on watch photography and this one fits the bill nicely. I also initially thought that the cup was some kind of radiation symbol, which would have been cool in an entirely different way.


@Thewatchyeti has amassed a sizable and impressive collection of Casio digital watches. Maybe after you buy a certain number Casio sends you one of the plaques they have left over from the early 80s? Dare to dream.



As the world slowly returns to a little bit of normalcy (fingers crossed) I expect to see loads more of these shots celebrating a return to travels and I intend to celebrate with them. We’ll start with this cool airplane window shot of @sr_watches and his Seiko Turtle. Godspeed.


Last up this week, @subparwatchenthusiast is celebrating a new job as a UPS driver with this sweet shot of the Nodus Contrail on a matching Nato strap. As a former Fedex driver myself (don’t know if that makes us comrades or mortal enemies) I say cheers and be safe out there!

That’s all for this week. Remember to keep tagging all your splendid photos with #ScottishWatches to have your hours of hard photographic work featured right here, week after week. Until next time…

Derek Haager is a watch enthusiast, TV editor and part-time music maker from Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: @derekhaager