Scottish Watches Podcast #232 : Speaking With Linde Werdelin About Everything Watches

Scottish Watches Podcast #232 : Speaking With Linde Werdelin About Everything Watches

Welcome to the Scottish Watches podcast episode 232. Today we once again have Dave (@floatlite) cohosting as we talk about one of our favourite brands, Linde Werdelin.

We are joined by one of the co-founders of the watch brand, Jorn Werdelin, as we talk about his origin story, how business is going since their foundation, and especially the way concept and material is joined together to make a functional and beautifully designed watch.

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Wristwatch check:

Jorn Werdelin is wearing the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Volcano.

LindeWerdelin Oktopus Volcano 1 1

LindeWerdelin Oktopus Volcano 3 1

Dave is wearing his Fears Brunswick with a custom red dial.

A watch on a wrist

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Rikki is wearing the Bremont Hawking in stainless steel.

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Watch chat:

Bremont H4 Hercules.

A picture containing watch, floor, indoor, blue

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See the source image

Bremont supersonic.

A couple of watches

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A watch on a wrist

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Oktopus Blue Sea.

Lindewerdelin oktopus blue sea 1

Lindewerdelin oktopus blue sea 4

Our podcast with James.

3 Timer examples:

3 Timer Nord

LindeWerdelin 3TimerNord 4

3 Timer LW X LW all Black

LindeWerdelin 3Timer AllBlack 1

Spidolite examples:

Spidolite Monochrome

LindeWerdelin SpidoLite Monochrome 1

SPIDOLITE 3DTP Carbon – 3D movement

LindeWerdelin SpidoLite 3DTPCarbon 4 

Spidospeed examples:

Spidospeed Gold – 3D movement

LindeWerdelin SpidoSpeed Gold 3DMovement 1

Spidospeed Carbon Green – 3D movement

LindeWerdelin SpidoSpeed CarbonGreen 3DMovement 4

Oktopus examples:

Oktopus Crazy Universe

LindeWerdelin Oktopus Crazy Universe 4

Oktopus Double Date 3DTP Carbon

LindeWerdelin Oktopus DD 3DTPCarbon Green 2

Modern Spidolite Titanium:

LindeWerdelin SpidoLite Titanium Arktis 5

LindeWerdelin SpidoLite Titanium 3DMovement 1

Rikki’s Rolex GMT, the Batman.

A picture containing object, watch

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Linde Werdelin Spidolite Trident.

See the source image

The podcast with Dr Cecelia Watson.

Oktopus Moonlite.

LindeWerdelin Oktopus MoonLite 4

3 Timer Nord on an integrated bracelet.

LindeWerdelin 3TimerNord 2

Thank you for listening and remember to visit the Linde Werdelins website and Instagram @lindewerdelin. Check out more of our content by following these links:

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