Scottish Watches Podcast #193 : New Doxa Chronographs from The Blue Company and More

We got to chat with The Blue Company about the brand new chronograph releases from Doxa plus get to find out more about the other brands they bring into the UK including Maurice Lacroix, Meistersinger, Muhle Glashutte, Junghans and more.

It is Grant and Monica, but not as we know it!

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

Because it is really Jake and Monica from the Blue Company.

Wrist Check from me the Hanhart Desert Pilot

Monica has a Junghans Max Bill

Peter has an Aikon on…

… and Rikki out of his slumber is wearing the green Oris Hangang.

Monica and Paul have some great brands in the Company and we have a good look at the all including a new release from Doxa.

This is the neatest Chrono is the Doxa line, Compact and Bijou and available from AMJ Watches

C.W Sellors and James Porter and Son

You can also find our own video of the Carbon Doxa below

and more of what The Blue Company deal with here …

Then Rikki gets a design lecture with a proper lecture watch from Jughans with the Max Bill range.

Monica was supposed to bring one of these…

From Scatola Del Tempo

but she went a bit more minimalist, also with the Swisskubik

Then a watch we were both looking forward to seeing.

A fun watch but this is still the stand out in terms of value and quality

Then a cheeky wee look at Muhle Glashutte  and Meistersinger to close


Thanks to Hubert and Monica from the Blue Company and

Enjoy the show.