Independent and Microbrand Round Up October 2020

It’s been a relatively quiet few months over at when it comes to microbrands and independents. I’ve had a steady stream of fashion watches – some of which have exceeded my expectations – but few that the kind of collectors who grace these parts would find inspiring. Nevertheless, I picked out three pieces of watch wheat from the horological chaff.

Kaal Watch Multiverse

Do you know that what the watch world has been waiting for? If you said “a watch that has a 3D model of the planet Earth in the middle of the dial” then your luck is in: the Kaal watch is the very definition of an acquired taste but seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people. I’m not sure I “get it” myself but  for the money it’s well-made and certainly rather unique-looking. The Kickstarter goes live on 23rd October 2020 at:

Neminus Xtreme Diver

Described by Scottish Watches Rikki as resembling “The Thing’s ball bag”, the Neminus Xtreme diver looks like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Except the aforementioned Fantastic Four member’s unmentionables, of course. I loved the feel of the Neminus on the wrist. It’s big, bold and brash but wears like a much smaller watch. I do think the retail price of $699  is high for a watch with a Seiko NH35 movement (the Kickstarter early birds cost a bargain $329) but worth keeping your eyes on in case there’s a sale.

Mitch Mason Chronicle

Listen to the Scottish Watches Podcast here

At almost the opposite end of the scale to the previous two watches is this lovely little field watch from new brand Mitch Mason. Priced at £350, it’s conservatively-sized at 36.5mm and has some really neat touches – I particularly like the twisted knurling on the crown and the “knot” hour hand design. The Chronicle comes in a watch roll made of some of the nicest leather I have ever handled, and the strap is of equally high quality. The USP of this watch is that it has two choices of dial: modern sandwich dial or a vintage printed option. For me, the dark-dialed “modern” variant just edges into the front over the others but they all look great. You can order one at

Microbrand Watch News and Reviews

That’s it for now; please have a read of Wristwatch Review UK if you enjoy reading regular reviews of offerings from independent brands. I’ll be back in a few weeks to keep you up to date with the latest microbrand watch news and reviews.