Scottish Watches Podcast #101 : Merry Christmas Listeners!

Who knows, maybe Rick will give you show notes for Christmas….

Well then it is a Merry Christmas from me…here are your show notes.

Mostly this is our McWatchies show, so get onto the Facebook Group to vote, also we launch #Tim2020

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

Now our Categories:

The Bark And Jack McWatchie: For Best Watch Flip of the Year. Which 2019 watch would you have managed to make the most money for the least effort and agro this year.

The Watch Sex Tape Award: For the YouTube video that was uploaded and quickly removed in 2019.

The Paul Thorpe Award: For the 2019 watch that if you owned it and lived in London you would be most likely not to own it for much longer.

The WatchBox Award : Awarded for the worst decision, made by a Brand an AD, a YouTuber or Podcast, basically anyone that knows what a watch is.

The Scottish Watches Vapourware award: For the watch brand yet to deliver on any promises made for 2019, (sponsored by Zenith)

The Clockbait Award : for the brand that in 2019 lost the most focus and shows no sign of knowing where the autofocus switch is

The Tenn & Two Shaddy S*** Award: For the watch, you would do the shadiest stuff to own

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We then talk a bit about the whole ETA movements thing, written by Sophy, we suggest you listen to the podcast before deciding if you trust her.

Rikki gets into Hitchcock, give me an excuse for this.

no excuse needed for only and excuse

Cool Aircraft.

Very Cool Aircraft

and nope.

Here is our JCB video link.

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