Scottish Watches Podcast #99 : Omega Boutique Launch and We Get Cybersquatted

Omega Boutique Launch and We Get Cybersquatted and we made it to 99, although this should be episode 100, but we will cover that on a future episode

Loads to talk about, especially the fact that we don’t get invited to any cool gigs by Oris, but Adrian did have to buy a new onesie ski suit from C&A’s.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

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TGV follows on from the massively successful Scottish Watches meet up with his own….massively successful…..oh wait a minute, you will need to visit the facebook group for the evidence.

He does, however, have a new Squale, feel free to buy it and send us a review.

Casio are out of Baselworld and Rikki don’t care, Jacob and Co have not left yet so Rikki is still happy.

Do you want to goto Basel with us…get your applications in now, key grip wanted.

Two auctions this week and Rikki won, as Brandos sold for more.

You can read all about it here

Source: Phillips


Well done to Atom Moore and his @redbarcrew coverage.

Someone at Rolex needs a hug, don’t think they will be getting one soon from Brian Duffy.

It is musical chairs now in the Rolex AD world, and we have a disagreement about it, I am right BTW.

Then Rikki turns…all about this.

Fighting within the world of watch media is alive and well, C/O Archie Luxury.

Election day on the day of recording, so today is David Bellamy day RIP

Silicon Valley is finished the Swiss watch industry won.

Now it is time to ruin Star Wars Episode 9 ….ok i won’t other than Chewie finally gets a medal, and Baby Yoda is not in it, you need to see the full mem on the Facebook group.

We had a great time at the Omega event, we have loads of great photos, but we are showing you none of them. We will show you this, the best watch I tried on of the night. Get more on TikTok

Then some CyberSquatting.

Yeah mate, and the other one has bells on.

If it is a NOMOS it is not an investment

Enjoy the show, 100 is just around the corner