#HalfWatchTuesday: The Second Most Important Family.

Good afternoon and welcome to another episode of the madness that is halfwatchtuesday! By now I’m sure most of you are (hopefully!) well into your holiday period filled with boozy work nights out and frustrating shopping trips, all of which I’m told add to the spectacle that is Christmas. As a result, I’ll try and not take up to much of your time. As Omair points out, I only really talk about myself in these articles on a regular basis anyway 😉

So, what’s up with the idea of ‘the second most important family anyway? Well, the idea came to me when I recently scrolled back through my Instagram page to my very first post when I first decided to delve properly into this crazy horological based world that we live in. Now it goes without saying, that there’s nothing more important in this entire world than one’s own family. The people in your life who make you you, and with whom we owe our entire existence too. Whether or not one has a large family or not is irrelevant. These people are always there, ALWAYS, especially when no one else is. They shape and define you as a human being. They’ve sacrificed time and again and will sacrifice for you. And above all, they love you unconditionally.

So, where am I going with this? Well, looking back to my first post, the 6th August 2018 for all those of you playing at home, and I took a minute to count all the people that I’ve met since this time. All the meetups, special events, Redbar events, these random people (and there are far too many to name but I hope you all know who you are) have shaped and defined a different aspect of my life. The times I’ve reached out to one of the watchfam with a question or a query and you’ve been more than happy to assist me. I’ve looked around the room at past events and thought “what an amazing bunch of mates to be affiliated with”. Hence, the title of this article. For the past 18months or so, you have all been that second family to me, for which I will be forever thankful. So, at this special time of the year and with my last article for 2019, I wanted to express my absolute….in fact, no….i cannot thank you all enough for the support you continue to show both me personally and through this crazy idea of halfwatchtuesday. I continue to be humbled by you all…..

Delving straight into the top pics this week and kicking us off is @ian_cognito, who goes all old school with a sweet mother-son post of his Speedmaster Mark II with his mum’s Omega Constellation. Awesome shot mate!

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

@watchesinnature does love a halfwatchtuesday submission. So much so that it seemed he had a whole lot of fun shooting lumes shots of his Boldr, SKX, Spinnaker and his Seiko 5. Very well done buddy!

@waitlisted brings out the metallic aspects of AP so nicely. The details in that dial just pop! Just makes sure you screw that crown down before heading out man!!

@whatthekhrono then gets all festive on us with, showing off his Seiko Chronograph wearing what must be the smallest Santa hat ever!! Cool shot chief!

We do love a classic shot here at halfwatchtuesday. @ihm489 wins the classic vote this week with a cool shot of his SKX with a model of a classic car (you’ll need to let me know which it is buddy!)

The Navitimer for me has always been one of those watches that intrigues me! The nature of the watch, the dial configuration, just everything about it really. However, I’ve very rarely seen it better captured than what @watchmystage does this week, slipped inside the pocket of a leather jacket. Stunning shot!


Another shot of Mum’s watch, this time by @wristwatchlounge who captures his Mum’s Reverso in black and white so perfectly. Amazing shot!

Having visited Toronto recently, I can wholeheartedly say that it is a city that left a particularly warming imprint on me. So much so, that upon viewing @but_dear shot of his Tag underneath the CN tower, it just took me back to that break and the amazing time that I had. Muchly appreciate that trip down memory lane buddy!

Now as per my article above, with family being the topic of the day, no other post wins for me this week than the one by @1watch2watch3watchmore holding that which will forever be precious and special to him. It just so happened that the opportunity for a half watch shot of his Helson presented itself! The very best of halfwatch shots man!!

I’m particularly happy to say that there’s a couple of shoutouts to do this week, after a couple of weeks of not having any. First up is @aoedewatches, a brand specialised in dive and nautical themed pieces. They recently had great success kickstarted their Sea Venture piece, and we here at halfwatchtuesday look forward to seeing where their journey goes from here. The pieces look pretty solid and there’s no way you’ll miss those dial/bezel combinations! Give them a check out guys!

Lastly, we welcome @atticuswatch to the halfwatchtuesday party. More of a classic style watch, their Adventure series looks to combine the look of a pilot watch with the feel of something slightly more sportier. Unfortunately, they had to halt their pre-orders due to unforeseen circumstances but definitely one to check out in the future.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got time for folks. I wish you all the very best during the holiday period and hope that you and your families stay safe whilst enjoying all the festivities. Take care and see you in 2020.


Yours in horology