Scottish Watches Podcast #91 : Our First Event … Great Success!

After our event……

I am now in hiding 31m CHF worth of hiding,, but while 31m of anything is a stupid amount to spend on anything, well done to all those involved.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

Rolex ….. next year.., where are you, let’s be having you

Feel free to meme that up and send it to us.

That’s all that 31m CHF gets you nowadays, a Steel watch with a bell in it.

Hope you tuned into the Tenn and Two v Scottish Watches episode.

The staircase at Mappin and Webb during the Scottish Watches Tudor night.

Saw one of these,


One of these,

But all of these were busy getting their Adrian hugs and photos.

and you can now find these online at Fears Watches, highly recommend.

Then some speech radio reminiscing, Tommy Boyd and James Whale, we loved them both.

Is James wearing a watch worth speaking about?

Check this out from Watch Advisor, find the link on our website.

If you speak French would you mind telling us how much of an FU Mr AP said to the online watch  media, having picked up three awards on the night of GPHG

Cool story bro

Have a read at this article for a summary of some of our writer’s thoughts.

Was this the best value watch at Only Watch? CHF 17K, not bad at all