Scottish Watches Podcast #75 : From A Land Down Under With NSOW

This weeks show notes come via the medium of a medium. We get to our most petty and ill-informed by getting an Aussie on the show, Pete from Not So Obvious Watches.


My deadpool date is drawing closer, as my cold is still raging, and they still won’t let me take part.

We talk “watch geek” community numbers and Rolex steel sports numbers.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

Then we talk our usual wander, but this week to the World of Warcraft, with their vintage re-edition with faux wizard patina.

Pete was sporting his Muhle Glashutte, some of which we have seen at James Porter and Son.

Rikki is wearing the Q-Timex

Pam time for me, you don’t need to see another picture.

Our attention turns to the Rugby World Cup Tudor Black Bay and PVD watches in general.

Are PVD watches a good long term daily beater or should Tudor have stuck with their ceramic offerings?

We discuss Pete’s channel and you all need to get subscribing. then its time for a film reference I cannot remember is all of this in my head?!?

Then some proper chat about the microbrand world and how the global economy is impacting or going to impact the industry.

As in most things on the internet, NSOW basically started out as an online fight and has resulted in him having the largest collection of “shitty 1950s Alpinas in the world”

He does, however, have a history of collecting other rubbish.

Then onto Pete’s next purchase that he is waiting for, Kevin O’Leary look out.

Then it is the Roast of Rick time, Speedmasters, Panerai and lack of time.

Finally some early Baselworld chat to round things out!

Enjoy the show!