#Halfwatchtuesday Week 18 When Is ‘Micro’ Really ‘Micro’? That Is The Question, And The Title!!!

Hello again #watchfam, I hope this reaches you in good health and spirits. For those of you hoping, praying, even begging to have Omair back, I do wholeheartedly apologise. I spoke to him a couple of days ago, he’d just landed at the Great Barrier Reef and was going to try his hand at capturing fish farts and putting them into spirit levels, so hopefully, he comes back unscathed and back to lead you through all the interesting stories of the week.

So, as I’m sure many of our loyal readers will have heard about, I was briefly made the laughing stock of the Insta-world after been made subject to a micro brand pop quiz by the ever effervescent @aggressivetiminghabits (cheers buddy, muchly appreciated). Now, as much I thoroughly appreciated the spotlight for my 15mins of fame, it got me thinking about what a microbrand actually is and how many of these ‘microbrands’ are actually out there.

Well, the second question didn’t take long to answer at all! Literally hundreds!! A frantic google image search hoping for watches to come that looked like the ones that id been quizzed about, proved just how many brands there are! It’d be almost impossible to keep a track of. Which leads me to another and perhaps more pertinent question, how does a microbrand capture your attention? In comparison to your Rolexes, Omega, Zeniths and your AP’s, how does a smaller brand like your Mercers, Anordains, Nodus or even your Melbourne Watch Company (@aggressivetiminghabits ) compete to grab your attention? What makes you, the consumer notice these brands? Is it just a price point? I’d like to think it’s not just an issue of price. It can’t be. The enamel dial of the Anordain, the spiral dial of the Codek, the bright red second hand of the AstorandBanks sea ranger, the compass etched rotating bezel of the Akura Wayfarer: these have to appeal to you, as the watch aficionado.

So, this is a question I’m putting out to everyone who is (un)lucky enough to read this. I’m curious as to a) which microbrands have caught your eye recently and, more importantly, why? And if any of you are lucky enough to have purchased a piece from any such brands, are you still as intrigued with it as you previously were? Answers on a postcard would be much appreciated.

So, without further ado, the real reason anyone even bothers to read this article, the best pics of the week summary! I know Omair and myself say this every week regarding the quality of pics that we get, but it seems every week, you guys manage to raise that bar just a few millimeters higher. Honestly, the beauty of it all is just too much sometimes.

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Anyway, starting the week off is @camronlaz showing off a beautiful macro close up of his Monta. The lighting and the definition are all just lovely and the focus on the date wheel, so sharp.


Now I know I’ve got a Speedmaster and I am over the moon (no pun intended) with it, however see after seeing shots of the Seamaster like @coloradguy pulls off, it just makes me wonder, should I get one!? The waves on that dial *shivers*

Vintage watches have always been a red herring for me, mainly because I do not know nearly enough as I should do about them. Pocket watches are even more so. So when I saw the Omega pocket pocketwatch shot that @justanotherwatchguy pull off, it just makes me feel like delving headfirst into that market! Cracking shot buddy!

(Editor notes, resisting severe temptation to link any joke involving, delving, headfirst and Cracks with rear pocketshots, temptation successfully resisted)

@swiss_made_obsession has, it’s safe to say, an obsession. An addiction almost. For taking awesome #halfwatch shots of the Explorer 2 in such perfect alignment. It’s a dream to view.

See @faigenistic seems a bit fun, a bit ‘funky’ even. Especially pulling off a sweet shot of Seiko Turtle on a (hopefully clean ) pair of psychedelic socks. The colours just mesh so, so well. Brilliant shot.

There’s just something about the Seiko Tuna. I’ve not handled a great many in my time but in pictures I’ve seen, they always look a solid watch and photograph so well. No exception is @mugenskx shot of his and with the lighting and angle, just looks ace.

I’ve only just recently stumbled onto @dianaevansillustration Insta page, but can I tell you how glad I am that I did! Not only are the illustrations just utterly breathtaking, but also her eye for watch artistry in all its forms is just a different level. Her blending of not one, but two watches into a childrens pop up book not only shows such a heightened level of imagination but the way its pulled off is just wondrous.

Can I just say after viewing @pinoyamateurhorologist submission this week, I almost needed an epidural to stop the pain in my eyes from looking at something that was blinding me with its awesomeness! Very clever of the Carl F Bucherer Chrono here buddy!!

And rounding of the week’s top picks is an artistic genius of a different kind. @engraved_balance with a halfwatch, half drawn picture that’s so good, it’s hard to tell were the Seiko 5 ends and the drawing begins! Seriously pal, loving the effort you put into the shot here!


And just like that, #halfwatchtuesday is over for another week. However, not before a final special shout-out to Astor and Banks and the release of their new Searanger. Now I don’t mind telling you that these will literally fly off the shelves! Such a fresh and functional design, especially that blue dial with the orange seconds hand, just stunning. Would very much love to see one in the flesh, which means I may just have to get one, will need to wait and see, but seriously folks, check them out because they wont last for long.

(editors note, Truly shocked at such blatantly obvious begging to try and get a freebie, do let us know if it works!!!)

Well, now that’s really it folks. But not before the biggest heartfelt thank you to all of you who’ve follow and support us as we reached 2000 followers this week, which I can tell you is 1998 more followers than we ever though we would get. I cannot tell you how humbled and appreciative we are and, as ever, we thank you.


Until next week, yours in horology


Nic and Omair