Invicta Pro Diver: An Honest Watch Review

There have been countless posts, videos, and articles written condemning Invicta for their lack of originality, the over-the-top original designs they have, as well as their selection of movements. Sometimes the reviews are made by people who have owned one, most times they are not. If you are reading this, it’s likely because you are just starting in collecting and want to know (like I did) what exactly is wrong with the brand.

The key to buying an Invicta is the key to buying any watch: Buy what connects with you. It doesn’t matter what anybody else has to say about that watch. You are the only person that will wear it.  You are the only person that’s responsible for it.  You alone control the narrative of your choice. Once you make your purchase, there is nothing Invicta can do for you outside of the warranty. Subsequently, no one outside of yourself will be able to change how you feel about the watch.

The Pro Diver I chose grabbed my attention because it looked unique. It was completely blacked-out with a grey sunburst dial. The bracelet is green and made of paracord; pulled together to friction close with a buckle. It has an NH35A movement and 100m water resistance. The bezel is unidirectional but is polished on the edges, which makes it almost impossible to turn. It has a 46mm diameter, 52mm lug to lug, and a 22mm lug width as dimensions. It is big, but relatively muted. The price? $99 USD on Jomashop.

Initially, I thought this watch to be a good choice as a daily. Since it was black, I could wear it with anything, and since it was a diver, it could cross the lines between casual and business casual easily. All that would be required is a strap change. So, I bought several 22mm NATO straps and set about switching them out depending on what I was wearing. I would settle on a black and grey Bond ZULU strap and haven’t changed it again since.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

In its current form, I enjoy the watch a lot. Although it’s big, I don’t find it obtrusive. Unlike most Invicta models not crafted to look like a Rolex Submariner, this doesn’t draw attention. People aren’t quick to notice it, or comment on its size, or notice it outside of anything else. Wearing this watch reminds me each time I wear it that no one cares about the watch you wear. The watch you wear should speak to you and you alone.

As far as its performance, It is ok. For $99 USD, there are some things that should be better, but I’m not sure how much better they get in this price range. The lume is non-existent. I’ve sat this watch next to a CFL lightbulb for 30 minutes and the lume barely charged. This thing is completely useless at night or in low light situations. The cut of the indices does not lend well to light reflection, so once the sun goes down, this watch becomes a heavy, wrist-worn paperweight.

And yes, it is heavy. I’ve tried thinner and thicker straps to accommodate its girth, but nothing truly can handle it. Wearing a NATO or ZULU traditionally adds a ton of height to the watch. I find that it tends to wobble at that height. It isn’t terribly annoying, but it is noticeable. I know I’m wearing a watch when I have this on. It may fly under other peoples’ radar, but I certainly know its there.

The bezel is pretty useless as well. The edges being polished makes gripping it almost impossible. While it may look very nice, using it to track elapsed time is very difficult. It’s hard to see the markings on the face of the dial as they correspond to the bezel. Since I am nowhere near a place diving is enjoyed, I use the bezel to track cooking, laundry, and break times when I’m at work. Those tasks are not possible with this watch.

So is this watch, or any Invicta designed like it, worth the money? I would say yes.

Its size allows me to determine how other watches it’s size, like the Bulova Lunar Pilot, would look on my wrist. It also gives me an idea of what I want in a future dive watch without spending hundreds more on Seikos. What I have learned about myself through the purchase of this watch has likely saved me thousands, and I also have a pretty cool looking watch that I can beat up without caring about servicing or anything else.

So despite their reputation have a look you might just learn something too