Scottish Watches Podcast #48 : The One Where We Prank Call Omega, Sorry Zurich

She’s back and this time she is real!

Loads of watch talk today, honestly, a good bit of watch talk, seriously, a reasonable amount of watch talk today, promise, well some watches do get mentioned.

This is a seriously “shady” episode, try and make it to the end or that pay-off.

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We talk Paneria with John Stallone and Sylvester Rambo and with a Good Wife from somewhere.


Then we play the second round of “Fantasy WatchBox” with new rules.

This week it is Patek.

We still cannot decide how to pronounce Omega, only one solution to that problem so we give Switzerland a call and let Zurich settle it, which they do.

Aaaaggghhhh, Katlen, you are still saying it wrong!!!

Get back to Alabama.

We get another apology from Canada, such nice folks unlike the Irish and their foul mouth Urban Dictionary speak. Langers.

(Rikki : do you think Urban Dictionary would be interested in sponsoring the show?)


We then offend all our Alabama and Pollock listeners

Spot the difference, yeah kat Alabama and Tennesse are easily differentiated.

Our Turn


Rikkis Omega rubber strap is unsurprisingly out of stock, so please stop asking him where he got it, Katlens strap is however available.

Our first Scottish Watch is announced we are going to rip off a rip off, here is a good summary,

Who wants one?

Then it is Grand Seikos turn for the Scottish Watches treatment.

Then the conversation goes completely off the rails, welcome to the world of “watch sugar daddies” and “Shady sh*t watches”

Over to you Rikki and Kat.

The End, literally the end of all watch civilisation not already ended by TGV, but that is for the next show.

But if I had to:

and if Kat had to

Rikki….yeah you were really focused on those Jacob & Co watches…

We then fake the moon landing in addition to Omega strap and Rikki gets some shocking news from Chrono24.

…and check this out, moon watch, pah.

and this moon punch.

Enjoy the show, and don’t forget those Rick Pics for @katlenschmidt