HWT10 : Watches And Nature

This is not gonna read well after a 100 hour week in work and 10 hours to get to our holiday destination I will admit to not feeling the freshest. But a tamarind juice at check-in and a quick scan of the #halfwatchtuesday served as the slap in the face I needed to get me back in the game. Such is our love for you guys, that I am willingly giving up my first lie in to hit you up with this weeks top pics at 05:30 UK time.

(editors note : looks like a real struggle !)

What a HWT it was, the 2 days of Scottish Summer feel like they may be close and people have taken to the trails, parks, and beaches to show off their precious pieces, wedging them in between rocks, shells and whatever other cracks they can find (keep it clean next week guys).

We have also seen such a rapid increase in the standard shown over the last few weeks, the innovation has been jaw-dropping, but so has the quality of those classic shots we love. I have even had some messaging me lamenting the lack of ideas they have, I say fear not, HWT is only a competition within one’s own mind, the motive is only to enjoy your watch in as many ways you can.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

So friends as I sit back to the rising Turkey Sun, with the bustle of the morning and bubbling of the nearby pool serving as a backdrop of the chirping of small birds I will leave you with this weeks Halfwatch Tuesday Top pics.

There is no better place to start an outdoors-inspired week with our friend @watchesinnature. A few weeks hiatus from the Half watch fold have only served to highlight their brilliance with this Seiko5 river shot. The bubbling  clear water up against the white dial was simply stunning, welcome back

White dials are notable for their ability to manipulate the colours around them and alter their appearance in different situations as shown perfectly with @katlenschmidt’s post. Her Planet Ocean serving as a perfect canvas for those wonderful shells, makes us all wish to be on holiday.

Why place things around your watch when you can wedge it in a tree like @bigwawtch. We just love the earthy tones of this perfect post, even the strap looks the part.

We could fill an entire article with nature pics this weeks but will leave it with one more beauty from @horo_clock. He has to find a plant, find the right leaf and the precariously dangle a Daytona in it and leave it long enough to take this shot!! That’s dedication to the half watch cause and we salute you.


Of course we can’t ignore our staple classic posts also and one featuring the Grand Seiko 9F GMT form @crane_watches stood out as being perfect. This watch is suddenly being given the attention it deserves thanks to @barkandjack and @horologyhouse. Wonderful.

Half watch and macro posts much like days of the week go hand in hand, @ticks_and_sticks shows of a high level of skill doing both in one go with their stunning Rolex Batman submission…Holy Macro Batman.

Soon after getting into watches I found out about Habring2. Having never actually held one I’ve had to rely on photos bit as @watches_abr showed it takes a video to show the true perfection of the jumping seconds.

Almost on a weekly basis a post comes along which elevates the level and gives a different perspective, Think @theticktockcolletor with flecto or @Lar5erik and bubbles. I have felt the hardest shot to pull off is merging two separate images together, but when the other image is the ship that did the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs well you are asking the inconceivable. Well folks @12II9II6II3 has gone and done it. How he looked the 44GS case an saw the Millenium Falcon I will never know, but now that’s all we’ll ever see, take a bow.

Last up for top pics is one that made me laugh. We had @peter2704 lamenting the lack of ideas for his HWT shot, almost in a panic it seems he slapped on a bit of insulating tape and the result is…well I can’t stop looking at it. I love the crazy contrast of the colours. Pete you could have just not submitted, but instead, you had a bit of fun, took a great pic which made us smile and deserve your place in this week’s tops pics.



Two shout outs this week. First, we are delighted to welcome Aevig watches to the Half watch fold.  I got to hold one recently and it was as solid as it was perfectly proportioned. I’m glad to see such a company having continually striving to improve, their awesome Huldra is about to drop so keep your eyes peeled. Guys, we thank you for the amazing submission of your Balaur and wish you continued success.


Next up a shout out to a brand new to me, @Heitiswatch Their new Classic is true to its name with timeless looks and a nice bit of detail with the red sub seconds hand. Looks like that watch is also likely to drop soon so give them a look up if it floats your boat. Thanks for joining the party guys, wishing you good times ahead.

Finally, massive respect and brotherly love to our friends @clockbait who out of nowhere dropped this amazing video for us. We feel made up that you guys took your time out to fix this up, it’s truly amazing (quite speechless actually). We will definitely not refer to you as those southern twats, for at least two weeks at least. Massive respect.

(editors note : edited from 2 months to two weeks)

Well folks that’s a wrap from me. Time to sit back and sip a virgin mojito or five and multiple kebabs. Thanks for all the support, kind messaged and amazing posts, we are truly humbled. We could have done an article three times as long this week. Have an awesome week and see you next Halfwatchtuesday.


Omair & Nic