Review : Christopher Ward C65 GMT – As Lauded By The Greatest Living Watchmaker

I’ve been into watches for the last 5 or 6 years, I remember first seeing Christopher Ward watches online thinking they looked good value, but never really saw one that caught my eye.

I also hated the old logo, which I now know is sometimes a more contentious issue than the actual watches themselves.

I hadn’t had a look again until there was coverage on this website of the CW meeting in Edinburgh – ( read about it here ) . Like most people, as you read something, quickly afterward you start the old Googling for more info. I had a quick look and came across the C65 GMT, but with the retro look.

I instantly liked it, although I wasn’t sure about the faux patina as I already own a Hamilton which has it and whilst it is all the rage at the moment I wasn’t sure how it would look a few years down the line.

My interest passed but a few months further down the line I decided to look again towards the end of March. This time I saw the C65 GMT with a Pepsi style dial and liked this one even more.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

I had read and heard a lot of negativity online regarding the brand but I had never seen one in person. After having a good look at the photos and after contacting someone who had seen a prototype (that’d have been me then – Rikki), I decided to pull the trigger.

24 hours later my parcel arrived. You could argue that the presentation box was nothing special, although you can upgrade this for an additional cost.  Bearing in mind this watch is sub £1000 on a bracelet, everything is relative.

First things first, let’s get this watch going. I wasn’t sure if I was actually winding it or not as it was very smooth, this Sellita SW330 movement is buttery smooth. I have had a couple of Rolex’s and I don’t remember the winding being that smooth. Let me be clear, in no way am I trying to compare this to a Rolex.

The bracelet is brushed and has the usual double pin clasp, but as this is still classed as a Diver, it has a Diver micro adjustment in the clasp that can be adjusted without any tools. My only downside with the bracelet is the fact that it works with pins and collars rather than screws, but the boys over at Chisholm Hunter did the adjustment for me and it fits a treat.

The watch case comprises of both brushed and polished edges and has beautifully curved lugs that make it wear smaller than the 41mm stated. The sapphire crystal is slightly domed. The Pepsi style bezel is made from anodized aluminum and a little thinner than your average bezel which helps with how the watch looks. As I previously said, this is in the diver range so it comes with a 120 click unidirectional bezel which is very positive in its action.

The dial is a nice matt black that makes the red GMT hand stand out, but not too much. Accuracy wise, it’s running just under +3s per day, which is excellent for such a movement.

I think bang for the buck this watch offers great value for money. The list price is £960 on a bracelet, but I had an email code for £100 off which made it even better value.

All in all, I am absolutely delighted with this watch and it is the single watch I will be taking on holiday with me.

Regarding ‘Have I bought a shitter?’

No- if Christopher Ward is good enough for Roger Smith, it’s good enough for me!!