Scottish Watches Podcast #44 : Choose Life

We descend and descend and descend into the Chisholm Hunter basement, and the talk pretty much goes the same way.

We interview Chris Isaak…sorry Chris and Issac, I say we interview Issac, but it is entirely possible that Issac’s audio may have been inaudible.

I compare scars with Chris while Issac talks about his history with his Oris Diver 65.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

We then talk flags and our movie content for the week points out that Taron Egerton from the Kingsman starred alongside Elton John and is now playing Elton John.

Rikki then removes the fridge from the CH canteen.

We then play the Watchbox game and challenge Chris to name all the brands they have in the store, to be fair he knows his shop.

It is then time for a new segment and some special guest appearances to start off our Omega chat, it was a good plan just a shame that Chris missed the Omega training day and Issac does not sell Omega in his shop and so the show morphed to become much like a Meg Ryan interview or this famous interview with Guy Goma who is not to be mistaken for Guy Kewney.

Rikki finally finds a Tag Hauer AD that knows about the Nano graph and Issac reveals the future development from Tag of the connected tourbillon….look forward to that one.

Enjoy the show and remember to Choose Life!