News : Fears Heritage

No4 or as he is known to the rest of the watch world Nicholas Bowman-Scargill of Fears Watch Company has let us know about a new service they are offering to cater to owners of Fears wrist and pocket watches made between 1846 and 1976.

Fears Heritage division will be providing a number of services:

  • Offering servicing for all watches made since Fears was established in 1846 through to when it closed in 1976
  • Offering bespoke handmade straps designed specifically to fit each wristwatch made during this period – including watches with fixed spring bars
  • Where spare parts are no longer available we can make components from scratch
  • All serviced watches are accompanied by an Extract from the Fears Archive
  • Prior to launch, we’ve already undertaken several services and straps for owners of older Fears wrist and pocket watches

Not a bad offering in our book if you happen to be own of the owners of a pre No4 Fears watch.

So check it out and listen out for a wee cameo appearance from Nick on Mondays Podcast talking about Omega.

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