Scottish Watches Podcast #43 : Wrong Rick : Chapter 3 – Parabellum

We have finally decided that it is best just to give up on episode numbers within the show, but we do want to make it clear that we are.

A not the same person, B do not live together, but thanks for the picture @the_art_of_horology, if someone could send a guillotine or recommend a good divorce lawyer that would be great.

We then count body parts that are working and formalise the WatchBox check rules….we invented that.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

Rikki’s number comes up on some cheap rubbish and mine comes up on some cheap good stuff, and for the record, the Vulcain is it’s own in house movement…. I think.

But we get a big, completely genuine and unedited shout out from TBWS.

And Rikki is wrong, Rikki is wrong yes indeed Rikki is wrong Ladies in Germany I give you the C180. (Rick is also wrong, where’s this C240 dickhead?)

We talk about our walkabout around Edinburgh watch retailers in advance of last weeks RedBar Oris event.

We get a close look at the Santos Blue, the Pam 722 and a Longines, not this one, but this is the one I like very much.

Reasonably famous watchmaker agrees with Rikki in his endorsement of Christopher Ward, great watchmaking minds think alike, or are the folk that hacked Dundee Utd Twitter feed also hacking Roger’s IG account?

Film review this week is John Wick 3, in summary, don’t bother.

…..and this is the answer.

And surprise surprise Rikki has a Tinder story, it is worth a listen, I am not aware she has left a review of the Podcast, yet, unless Tinder has that sort of function.

But there have been some less than positive reviews of a couple of AD’s

This is the channel to check out. The Last Watch channel.

Don’t we all just want to be pretty women?

And then we have a daylight robbery, yup he does sound a bit of a wally, talking about his own non nicked watch

We then have some Fears info from No4 and the launch of the Fears Heritage division and look out on Instagram for a competition to win tickets to the Watchmakers Club Summer event

Is this how Rick is deaf?

Finally, Baselworld return one of Rikki’s stalking emails about Rolex, sorry Pete.

Hope you enjoy the show!