The Best Of #HalfwatchTuesday : Love ‘N Half Watches

What a rollercoaster of a week it’s been. You will by now know we and the Scottish Watches duo have a mutual love-in, but it was great to hear we got our second podcast shout out from the equally dynamic duo of Love ‘N Watches.

So little old excited me listened intently to hear our mention, I mean what’s not to love about sharing watch pictures; well I guess everyone isn’t an instant fan.

Ranchracer and Perpetual Girl with great efficiency dismantled the whole hashtag culture and had a pop at the tagalongs wanting to make a quick buck before segwaying with deadly eloquence to eviscerate the new ass-tronaut Speedy. Once they got that off their chest they moved onto the main topic of quartz watches, giving a low down of the top pieces available and the state of play with the oft lesser thought of battery/solar operated horological wonders.

Bottom line?  Quartz ain’t a dirty word anymore. I thoroughly recommend you have a listen and perhaps you will be like me and hit the subscribe button.

As great as the Love ‘n Watches podcast was it did take a bit of computing to digest our first not glowing feedback. A quick message was fired off to explain who we were and that our motive is only to share our love of watches and connecting with like-minded accounts; never have we contemplated making money or even how that would be done.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

The Love ‘N Watches guys were awesome, they stated it was good-humored ribbing and who are we to turn down that sort of invite. A bit of toing and froing and the odd #⅛thwatchfriday pic and we build up a mutual understanding that we hope will become a friendship. They say if you want acceptance gain it from your critics so we are thankful to both of them for making us look at what we do and ensure its true to our ethos. Thank you guys and you have two new fans in us.

With this exchange taking up part of our week Tuesday flew around. The previous week’s record number of submissions meant we were posting every day to great feedback. #Halfwatchtuesday this week did not start like the usual trickle rising to a crest, it yanked us by the cajones and forced us to snort chili powder. The first two of our top picks came in early and blew the roof of the already high standards we had come to expect and every one of you stepped up to the plate.

So without any further delay let’s get right into the meat (or vegan-friendly meat substitute):

I usually see a post and think, ‘yea I can see how you could get that angle’ and perhaps give it a go. Well, you can chuck any of that sentiment out the window with this astonishing post from @iwccrownfish. How he quite managed this and got that shot, I just don’t know. There were comments declaring him the winner and it wasn’t even Tuesday! I think it’s my personal favourite of all the posts. Well done bud, you have elevated yourself and us to new heights.

During the week I spoke of creatives and highlighted my good friend @theticktockcollector as a fine example: it just goes to show how well you know somebody. When I think I have his abilities figured out he hits us with this stunning picture, half-lit, half-submerged I can’t quite work it out, but suffice to say I was receiving messages from accounts around the world praising it. My friend, it is a beautiful thing seeing you express yourself in such amazing ways.

We love to praise effort and dedication, we also love a great lume shot so it was only correct we included @ss_mccullough with his long shudder speed Rolex two-tone Sub lumeshot. Such a difficult thing to pull off.

Coffee and watches, a duo that goes seamlessly together, but rarely so well as in our next pic by @isaacwenger. I never clocked how good a bronze watch would go on a coffee shot. The detail on the picture is so amazing I feel I could reach and turn that bezel. Beautifully executed.

Next up is a relatively new fan of the movement @i.razvan. We believe this is his first submission and what a way to start. We love the perspective on this Longines heritage Chrono shot. Keep them coming buddy.

One of the finest collectors we have the pleasure of knowing is @edinburghtimepieces. I could not pass up a chance of posting my favourite movement grail watch the FP Journe chronometre bleu, 24-carat gold, shielded by tantalum, double-barrelled for accuracy not power reserve from one of the greatest watchmakers. Pure perfection.

I’m gonna go off piste and do a combined next top pick from two friends who have been great supporters of #halfwatchtuesday from the start, they both submit posts of the highest quality and this week could not be separated. Take a bow @aggressivetiminghabits and @jwit94.

Shout Outs

Firstly, two new brands came to the party. We thank @Sidereuswatches from the Emerald Isle for posting their Newgrange watch which looks a lovely piece. Look them up, give them a follow. Thank you guys


Next is a brand which I like more every time I look into them @emg_watches is gaining a reputation for rock-solid pieces at amazing prices. The pick of the bunch for me is their Nemo, here on the very popular Yellow dial. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see your post. We wish both companies continued and growing success.

Finally, a thank you to some of our favourite accounts who got bitten by the #halfwatchtuesday bug. Of course thanks to Adrian at @Barkandjack we love your support and also your participation and advice. There is no one we are rooting for more.

(Editors note: I bloody well hope there is! and I don’t mean the Essex boys at Clockbait!)

Five years ago when new to Instagram I posted my third picture, it was of my Ball Fireman Racer, it got 21 likes and some nice comments from a really great account. That account would go on to become one of the biggest and best watch accounts on Instagram. My words of gratitude will never convey how happy we are at @watchonmywrist joining us with a characteristically splendid post. Thank you so much.

In closing, it has been a rollercoaster this week. We have made new friends through different avenues. We have such admiration for all who click on our Instagram. For as long as you guys like what we do we will be at your service to help you Love your watches.


Nic and Omair




FYI @halfwatchtuesday is not for profit, nor does it sponsor or receive sponsorship from anybody

All opinions are genuine and our own.

(Editors note: that does not mean we are not open to offers!!, please direct all offers of serious, hard cash, in brown envelopes, to Scottish Watches, C/O Flat DE, Floor 11 Room 59,  Scottish Watches Towers. Glasgow.)