Scottish Watches Podcast #35 : Watch Chat with Jon aka Phillywatchcollector

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With special guest Rikki….no wait a minute it is Jon aka @phillywatchcollector living in a park surrounded by his Omega watch box collection as shelter.

We seek legal advice about me a Katlen setting up a breakaway and does the word “allegedly” really work?

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We then talk watches, lots of watches, making up for the last 34 episodes.

Rolex, Seiko, Patek, Swatch and JLC (bought from a completely sober Christian from Theo & Harris) the full range,

… and perhaps Daytonas are quite nice, but then we concoct a scheme as Jon lives so close to WatchBox studios and confess to a scheme we have already enacted.


I get a bit musically mixed up between my Confessions and my Our Tune, you can stop shouting at the radio now.


We give Hodinkee a good going over from a USA perspective.

All out war is declared between NSOW watch channel on Youtube and Clockbait we will hold the jackets and of course not we have more subscribers than you both and we don’t do video!!

Check out both their latest output, but check that the watch at Clockbait is real first.

Rikki is still loving the watchmaker’s dream and Jon is dreaming of a Baselworld trip and has preplanned his Hodinkee look in order to get into the press area.

And we have big news about Rikki taking one for the team and heading to YouTube.