Article : A Happy Accident – Tudor Pelagos LHD

I have always loved watches for as long as I can remember. Going back to when I was 6 years old and playing with my pop’s Omega Chronostop,

or getting my first Seiko 7000 series diver when I was 9.

And of course saving my hard earned pennies to hunt down and grab one of the older Rolex Air Kings.

James Porter and Son

But one brand that never really ticked any boxes with me was Tudor. There always seemed to be something missing for me personally about Tudor. They kinda remind me of Audi. Well Built, fantastic value for money, clean design BUT like the cars they seemed a bit on the clinical or cold side.


I found for me there wasn’t that ‘pop’ factor. Looking through Magazines, Online or even in the shop windows where you may find some timepieces that draw you in with their aesthetic tractor beams and you immediately start thinking ‘oh what if’ ‘how quick can I save up for this’ OR in some cases ‘What can I flip for this’ – In the past it has been watches from Omega or Seiko where that has happened on more than one occasion. Well, that was the case until September last year.

At the end of 2017 I started to look into collecting watches a bit more seriously and flipped the entire collection (minus the 3 watches mentioned at the beginning) and wanted to start fresh.
I remember picking up one of my Grails, an Omega Seamaster 300M professional and was looking at other brands. Rolex, Oris, Breitling, Seiko, Casio, but still at this stage Tudor wasn’t on the Radar.

I remember this day going into the city to meet up with some friends, for a few drinks and dinner. I had funds from my clear out wanting to do some poking around the AD’s, so I headed in a little early.

I walked into Watches of Switzerland to look at the new Air King or Milgauss. I walked in and was greeted very warmly by a sales rep and asked if there were some in store I could take a closer look at. To my surprise there was one each, but we couldn’t sit down at the Rolex section as there were quite a few people in there at the time so he directed me to sit down at the Tudor section.

While I waited a few moments as he was retrieving the watches aforementioned, I gazed down at what Tudor had in stock in the glass table… there were several black bays which looked nice BUT (and I mean a very big BUT) there was something in the corner of the cabinet which completely stopped me in my tracks, so much so I had utterly forgotten what the sales rep was getting and I didn’t realise that he had returned and saw me completely gawking at this timepiece.

I proceeded to try on the Milgauss and Air King in the vain attempt that it would maybe sway my mind, but I found them to be either too bulky and just didn’t feel right. All I could think of was getting this Tudor on my wrist. The Pelagos LHD.

In my mind, it wasn’t just ticking a few boxes… It was ticking ALL of them. The gunmetal titanium case and bracelet, the matt black finish of the ceramic bezel and dial, the cream patina of the hands and hour markers, the roulette date wheel, the 70-hour power reserve in house movement and the splash of red on the dial.

I asked the sales rep if I could try it on as I was mesmerized by the sum of its parts. He mentioned that it had just arrived that morning and they had been waiting a while for it.
As soon as I put it on, I didn’t want to take it off.

The weight even with the titanium case and bracelet was brilliantly balanced with the stainless steel quick change strap. It was very comfortable, but still had some heft and felt solid.

The size, the fit on the wrist, it just felt perfect for a lack of a better word, I still did not want to take it off. The cherry on the cake was the price. Up until this point, I was expecting all of these points to reach to a stratospheric price. Until now all of my watches besides one of my G-Shocks and SKX, I had bought second hand so was expecting for my bubble to be well and truly popped, but to my surprise I was stunned.

When the sales rep mentioned the price, I don’t think he was expecting me to say ‘Really? Is that all?’ I think he then looked as surprised as me. After liquidating my collection with my credit card charged up… I uttered the words ‘Well then, I’ll take it’

The Pelagos LHD has been in constant rotation and has totally changed my opinion of Tudor.
Even though the Black Bay will still dominate the Instagrams, watch forums and discussions, for me, this Pelagos is the quiet hero. Doesn’t have to shout or announce its entry but it will still turn heads and be whispered in hushed tones when it does arrive.

The happiest retail fluke of my watch collecting experience and one I’ll always be grateful for stumbling upon.