News : Week 18 New Watches

So time for our weekend watch summary of all the new watches we have come across in the last week.

If we have missed something tell us about it in the comments below.

A bit of an art/watch combo to begin with the Graff GyroGraff Great Wall of China and GyroGraff Temple of Heaven. We have it all happening here, aventurine for a starry sky effect, hand engraving in gold, miniature painting and a host of baguette-cut diamonds, all to give the form of a view of the Great Wall of China or the Temple of Heaven, the choice is yours!

Oh yeah, and did I mention the double axis tourbillon and 3D moon phase yet, expect this one to feature in the relevant Metiers d’art section of the GPHG for 2019.

No idea what it costs, if you can afford it you probably don’t care either.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

From the sublime to the ridiculous, possibly. just how many people need to monitor 7 timezones at the flick of your wrist, well for the 10 people worldwide for which this is an issue, there is now an answer the  Aerowatch Renaissance 7 Time Zones. These multi-time zone watches do exist elsewhere but normally look quite horrific this however at a tidy 44mm looks like it might actually be wearable. Now, all it really needs is multiple date complications for the international date line.


Now for a more run of the mill daily wearer automatic, the Certina DS Action Powermatic 80 A nice 41mm, 200m water resistant ETA base caliber watch with dials in black, blue or silver my favorite would be the Blue on the leather.

A very similar offering to the Certina above is the Tutima Grand Flieger Automatic the same size at 41mm and 100m water resistant the colour offering are rather more appealing than the Certina and the design sharper but they are a good deal more expensive. Dials can be had in night green dégrade, velvet black with red, or gunmetal grey. I would go with the gunmetal which has pleasant orange markers.

The third daily wearer again in a similar mode to the Certina and the Tutima is the Mido Multifort Patrimony. 1mm smaller than the previous two above and lest water resistant at only 50m. Available in stainless steel or steel rose gold PVD and with either blue or grey dial, the one to go for is probably the steel and grey.

Right back up to the pinnacle of watchmaking, we have the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement Green limited to 33 pieces, in 44mm of titanium, what is most unusual about the press release of this watch is it lists all of those who are in fact Max Busers Friends and who were involved in the production of the watch.

So if you want to build your own 6 figure watch you now know who you need to speak to for the parts!

Friends Responsible for LM Split Escapement
Concept: Maximilian Büsser / MB&F
Product design: Eric Giroud / Through the Looking Glass
Technical and production management: Serge Kriknoff / MB&F
Movement design and finish specifications: Stephen McDonnell and MB&F
Movement development: Stephen McDonnell and Ruben Martinez / MB&F
R&D: Ruben Martinez and Simon Brette / MB&F
Wheels, pinions and axis: Jean-François MOJON / Chronode, Paul-André Tendon / BANDI, AZUREA, Swiss Manufacturing and Le Temps Retrouvé.
Balance wheel bridge and plates: Benjamin Signoud / AMECAP
Balance wheel: Andreas Kurt / Precision Engineering
Balance spring: Stefan Schwab / Schwab-Feller
Case and bridges: Alain Lemarchand and Jean-Baptiste Prétot / MB&F
Fine-finishing of the case: Bripoli
Movement components: Alain Pellet / Elefil
Hand-finishing of movement components: Jacques-Adrien Rochat and Denis Garcia / C-L Rochat
PVD-treatment: Pierre-Albert Steinmann / Positive Coating
Movement assemblage: Didier Dumas, Georges Veisy, Anne Guiter, Emmanuel Maître, and Henri Porteboeuf / MB&F
After-sales service: Thomas Imberti / MB&F
Quality control: Cyril Fallet / MB&F
Dial: Hassan Chaïba and Virginie Duval / Les Ateliers d’Hermès Horloger
Buckle: Dominique Mainier / G&F Châtelain
Crown: Cheval Frères
Hands: Pierre Chillier and Isabelle Chillier / Fiedler
Sapphire crystals: Martin Stettler / Stettler
Strap: Kim Amanton / Multicuirs
Presentation box: ATS Atelier Luxe


Watch of the week, then, I really should give it to one of the daily wearers and between the three I would most likely buy the Tutima, but the Aerowatch is panging at my unusual time-telling needs, so Aerowatch it is.

Have a great weekend