Scottish Watches Podcast #34 : Some Shereen Nanjiani for The Weekend

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All is now right with the world, we now know what episode we are on…and it is number 34, and today we are teaching you a new Scottish slang term, a “Glasgow Shower” check our friends out at Urban dictionary.

Tim Bits and Hun tee-shirts are still not in the dictionary.

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We then talk He-Man, and Ice cream wars but no sign of the “serious chime squad” around SW Towers.

Have we come to the “End Game” of watch podcasts and YouTube channels, with all the infighting are there no more watches to review?

We have been in touch with the Pontiff, we await his response, I wonder if Archie knows Chevy Chase?

Please stop shouting at your radio folks! but a big shout out to Shereen and Jim.

We continue to give Rikki dating advice this time some Biblical stuff, Song of Songs is what you want Rikki.

Back to Adrian, Archie and Bremont. Really what is all the fuss about. A man walks into an event, learns more about a watch brand, and this results in him liking the watch brand more….the end.

But we have a great idea for a new watch brand from Bremont….the Scottish Watch…ehhh maybe the S-watch? we just need a surface to air missile to make it happen…anyone? and if someone to teach Archie to pixelate that would be great.

You are all invited to my birthday party at TGI Fridays, so long as you are happy to sit through my speech, not eulogy or sermon.

Ah Rolex forums don’t you love them (2 Rolex owners, 3 opinions!) and btw Omega have put their prices up and you can now buy online in the UK, but there appears to be a penalty charge for delivery to where Rikki lives, (wild west out there!) so why would you go to an AD for the same price?…haggle folks haggle, though that strategy might not work with the sales strategies of Patek retailers.

In other watch news, the next limited edition Omega, will be here any day now and so will the limited edition S-watch, no sorry the Swatch for Scotland, I get so confused, we have the S-watch and they have the Swatch Scotland, we call Scots Law!

And don’t forget Jimmy Bond and his new watch.