Event : Grand Seiko Event and Watch Meet Up at James Porter and Son Glasgow – 25th April 2019

When you hear about a Grand Seiko event happening in Glasgow, you make sure and put your name down! Even more so when spaces are limited, it’s being organised by David Sharpe and located within the Argyle Arcade.

Having seen some of the new Seiko and GS releases in Basel a month ago, but only from behind glass, I was looking forward to trying on a few of their test pieces (a test piece being a weighted dummy watch that has the same case, dial, bezel, strap, hands and crystal but lacking a working movement) to see if they looked good and wore well on wrist.

The event started at 6pm and we managed to grab a few photos of the wares before the crowds appeared and even though we were early we didn’t manage to capture any time with Rob from Grand Seiko as he was already inundated with questions from people arriving.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

2019 is a big year for Seiko and GS with many, many anniversaries happening and not just their own. The 50th celebrations of quartz, the first automatic chronograph and 20th anniversary of spring drive just to name a few home milestones and of course the partnership with Nissan on their GTR 50 year collaboration watch.

James Porter and Son played host to a tremendous event which is a bit of a homecoming for the Scottish Watches team as it’s where both myself and Rick first almost met. We were both at last year’s GS event, we both went against the grain and bought Casio GSHOCKs but we never officially met, only conversing by Instagram afterwards and laughing about a Casio group buy happening at a Seiko event.

This visit was even more meta as it was a chance for us both to say hello to a ton of people we’ve only chatted with on Instagram, Facebook and by email. Though putting faces to the names, the IG handles and wrist shots was troublesome – glad our voices were our ID badges on the night.

So a massive thank you to the awesome staff at James Porter and Son who laid on the food and refreshments, Simon for being a great host, Claire for borrowing a Seiko to wear to “fit in”, David Sharpe for masterminding the meet up, Rob from GS for being Rob and of course all the enthusiasts who gave up their Thursday night to talk watches in Glasgow. Here’s to the next!

Find out more about James Porter and Son at – https://www.james-porter.co.uk/