Scottish Watches Podcast #33 : Public Service Announcement Edition

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Waiting lists are short for the Rolex “Tunnocks” GMT

Spoiler alerts…they all die in Avengers End Game!!! Honestly……and you are off the Rolex wait list honestly.

You have been warned.

Shred those waiting lists, and get yourself back to “Clocks of Amsterdam” if you still want that Rolex in 3 years time.

James Porter and Son

We make some security guards in a Rolex boutique very nervous, but baseball caps and rucksacks will do that in Glasgow.

We visit the refurbished Tom Coll boutique and hang out with Grand Seiko at James Porter and Sons.

We discuss the similarities between the Avengers End Game and Rolex wait lists, and that of all the staff in all the ADs in Glasgow are cry babies with Rox being the biggest and bestest.

Chevy Chase makes another appearance, we will try to make it the last.

We go back in time to our origin story at James Porter and Grand Seiko.

Turns out Rob from GS who runs Watch Wise is quite a good salesman but most importantly he knows the “two-hand man”

Can I just say now just how much I love De Bethune can we have one of them to review please, please, make it happen, Tim.

Shout outs to, well everyone we met at Porter’s, next time can everyone just wear badges with their IG names on, please.

We review Rikki’s Tinder responses, but the universe does not have enough time left to deal with it, perhaps he can take a journey through the Quantum realm to resolve his 22 part fiction.

Now Salon QP, now we know some more, but Rikki knows nothing about the Bible, but it turns out he does, and LVMH is going to Basel 2020.

We all encourage you to scream at us on the car stereo as much as possible but save the online abuse for Archie Luxury, but if you would like to meet in the North East of England to shout collectively at us, contact either @the_great_escapement or @lpwwatchco, meanwhile a few other podcasts and YouTube channels are busy shouting at each other, it is possible it is my fault, sorry Federico.

On the more lighthearted from check out the Simply Serge channel and Teddys latest advert, brilliant.


We then do review some watches, honestly no spoilers, finally if you are listening to us in India please get it touch,