Scottish Watches Podcast #31 : The Clickbait Edition

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Apologies for Rick’s mobile phone interference all episode long and Rikki being half asleep – normal service will resume shortly!

Well, this podcast is “thirtysomething” break out the panpipes or hum it if you know it:

Martins of Glasgow Watch Servicing and Repair

I get to be right several times in this episode #ricktalksright and we actually remember to do a “rrrrist watch check”

All reports of Nardinis being closed are entirely fictitious. Pay them a visit to stop them suing us for saying they are shut.

Rikki tells us about his L.E.D Patek his “bagelsport” 5711, bad man. Rikki Instagram is not the News but is where he found out about LVMH giving money for the Notre Dame rebuild but we are from the West of Scotland so religion chat goes bad quite quickly, we give you Tim Hortons and ASDA for all of those in the know, get your Tim bits and Hun t-shirts.

Despite being Scottish we both relate to Golf via Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack…go team Gopher, and well done Tiger Woods.

…and lets make it clear if you are listening to this YOU ARE A GEEK…DEAL WITH IT.

Start buying up Tudor Tigers folks…………… and you will still lose money as its not a Rolex.

I have to say I quite like the look of these.

After our conversation with Adrian and our predictions that BLNR prices having dropped slightly will rise again it came true, we said stuff and guess what the market moved….watch influencers that we are.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

The road has now been cleared for the Scottish Watches show, coming to nowhere soon. So we just need to get rid of HorologiCon and The Watchmakers Club event and then the coast is clear.

Katlen becomes the new ISO standard for all Scottish Watches guest recording setups but what is the ISO standard for booking exhibition venues, we will be asking and reporting back.

We also report back on our Archie Luxury poll, but the people have been known to talk nonsense around these parts, so because referendums come in pairs we launch another poll about setting up a Facebook group.

Do you want to come to our watch show and share a booth chair with Adrian and Katlen? and unlike we would normally do we recommend you watch TGV latest video, as he channels Dandy-Dan from Bugsy Malone.

TGV 5 Years Ago


Martin Lev playing Dandy Dan in Bugsy Malone


We tell you all about #halfwatchtuesday and encourage you that you should join in any day of the week and we pay tribute to Eric Smith. R.I.P

Then back to watches with this Seiko which is specifically car related. It is a monster but is it a monster you would want to own?

And Breitling, comon!  what is your thinking!

The big watch event works because you can compare and contrast one brand with another, you can make your lists of best and worst and price range comparisons, Breitling your “name is not on the list you are not getting in”. Hope you enjoy being ignored along with Omega for a month next year along with your 35,000 Youtube subscribers.

But we think lots more folk should subscribe and/or look at Seconde/Seconde, Clockbait. and the Not So Obvious Watches channel.

Send us your Any Other Business for next week, and get a shout out.

This week from me it is the Francis Rossi autobiography and Tim Bits and from Rikki is his charity bike run…show off, all nice and cuddly Rikki, who the girls love.

Enjoy the show