NEWS : ClickBait – At Least We Admit It! – If Drinks Companies Really Did Collaborate With Rolex

As you have hopefully picked up from our podcast (available to download free from all reputable online, and some not so reputable online podcast repositories) we like to do things a bit differently here in Scotland, and we take a rather peculiar form of pride in the things that differentiate us from the rest of the world (and in particular the English)

Who of the Scots reading this can recall applause during the opening scene of the movie Gladiator, have a look and see if you can guess why….

or the bizarre pride we take in announcing whenever we eat pizza or a Mars bar in a foreign country that we deep fat fry those back home, these things are great but nothing in comparison to the pride we take in our national drink….nope not Whiskey.

Irn Bru.

Scotland is one of a handful of countries in the world where Coca Cola is not that largest selling soft drink and most of those other countries have US Trade Sanctions in place, e.g North Korea, and we are, as noted above, very proud of this.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

The most obvious question about Irn Bru is of course, what does it taste of, to which any Scot, “brung up proper” will respond it tastes of “Irn Bru”.

Anyway I digress, our attention was caught last week by some fun click bait from Hodinkee, a sweet story of childhood admiration for Rolex, (they are just all such sweet hearts at the watch media megolith) resulting in the casual photoshop production of the Rolex “Sprite” GMT

Also known as the Rolex GMT “Celtic” around these parts


Great we thought, two can play at that game, it turns out that in fact, three can play at that game, as Adrian at Bark & Jack quickly produced the Rolex “latte” GMT.

Ms Schmidt spreading the love


Well not to be outdone by Hodinkee and Bark & Jack and as the Scottish invented everything we in collaboration with the team at @ClockBait YouTube channel give you the Scottish Watches Rolex Collection. The Soft Drinks (mostly) GMT range

First out the box is the traditional GMT “IrnBru” with Blue and Orange also known as the “Ranger” for those of a certain disposition.

Next up and unusually is a limited edition number, it has been a while since Rolex replaced their crown logo with a variant, but as this is Scotland and as the Roman Legions could not conquer here the Swiss have agreed to do a 100 numbered limited edition run, with a logo change.

Taking a journey further afield and one for the Arab fans of Scottish Watches, we celebrate a drink particularly popular in the middle east.

We present here the Rolex GMT “Vimto”, for when nothing else will do

Returning to the more local market and with special bezel, fitting carried out by Monks in an Abbey in Devon, but imported virtually exclusively to the Scottish market, we have the Rolex GMT “Buckfast” to be more colloquially known as “the Buckie” this will surely go down a storm at all the best addresses in Glasgow.

Not to neglect all of our Stateside listeners we bring you a watch/drink collaboration almost as “misunderstood” as Irn Bru, the Rolex GMT Dr Pepper. What is not to like, the taste perhaps…I mean what is the “worst that could happen”?

Before we head back home we bring something to our Northern English brethren, (yeah the ones the Romans did beat) the Rolex GMT Tizer.

Now it may look the same as the Tizer but subtlety is always the watchword at SW Towers and so it is but a subtle difference for the only Food collaboration in our range, it is, of course, the “tea cake” officially known as the Rolex GMT “Tunnock”

Finally, then it is our big gun, in white Gold and Meteorite dial it is the pinnacle of Rolex and Scottish watches collaboration, the Rolex GMT “Irn Bru” meteorite,

We hope you enjoy these as much as we all enjoyed doing them, there is at least two of them I would actually buy!

Which do you like?

Who else should we at SW work with?

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