Scottish Watches Podcast #30 : Long Weekend Watch Talk

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20 mins later…we still have no idea where we are up to, we are completely lost, in episode counts but normal service will be resumed soon.

Are you from Saltcoats, if no one else can help, perhaps if you can find them you can call the A team… sorry the Ardrossan team.

Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company

We talk BaselWorld lunches and have a good run through all the watch podcasts we listen to and has anyone ever seen Brian Duffy from Watches of Switzerland and the Rev I.M Jolly in the same room?

Rev I M Jolly, in his full religious attire
Brian Duffy CEO Watches of Switzerland, in his company issue “Don’t Worry Be Happy” staff uniform

We talk Bulova Accutron and can anyone remember if Rikki told his Accutron story from SIHH 2019 and will any of us be around for Zeniths new 50-year warranty to run out.

Who do we listen to you ask (you didn’t ask, well we will tell you anyway) included on our lists are the likes of Two Broke Watch Snobs, Love n Watches and 40&20 as well as many of the usual suspects but have you listened to the West Wing Weekly yet?

I cut Rikki off, but actually, I don’t, another technical disaster faux pas from the alleged technician.

And then we get really geeky, yup geekier is possible.

From tooth crowns to Rolex crowns, we take a deep dive into medical treatments and the ruination of watches, look out Steve McQueen.

Rikki has further Ex Girlfriend stories, different stories from different girlfriends, stud that he is, that’s Horology, not the other thing!

We set up a Just Giving account for Teddy to get him a blood transfusion, or maybe just a session at a tanning salon

We finally get to the truth of the BaselWorld 2019 set up, the truth is out there, probably just not on here.

Who really are the big brands in luxury watches and would Breitling ever be daft enough to leave Baselworld? (yup we recorded this right before the muppets decided to leave!!)

Ah, the days of Need for Speed and GoldenEye, which now we are watch influencers we notice Omega were big sponsors of, which leads us down another rabbit hole all the way to ancient mobile phones and the Game Cube.

if you have one of these do get in touch.

Ok so this was the second every bluetooth phone the T-39

We eventually get back to watches.

One of the three limited edition Seiko “Model Suit Gundam” models

but neither of us are going to buy this Seiko in time for the Seiko event we are going to so what should we wear?

For me, it is between the Gorilla and the Alpinist for Rikki he has two Seikos to chose from, have a look at our poll to help us decide, and if any listeners happened to own a pop-up stall we could use in the Argyll arcade that would be great.

Hope you enjoy the show and look after your Steve McQueen’s!