Article : Half Watch Tuesday – It’s A Thing and You’re Invited!

Disclaimer: We didn’t invent this, we are merely pushing it forward! Credit goes to and for creating and building the legend!

So something new happened in the watch space a few Tuesdays ago, and this time around there wasnt a Speedmaster in sight!

For too long the rest of the horological hordes haven’t had a look in on a Tuesday. The Omega strike force were storming the gram with their Speedy this and Speedy that, but it’s time to reclaim what is rightfully yours – a universal watch hashtag that anyone can use, no matter make, model or size! One people united under one tag!


So stand tall, stand proud and take a photo of half your watch and post it with pride tagging it and if you like tagging us too so we can gasp at your creations.

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Let’s make Tuesdays Great Again!

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