News : Week 17 Market Price Demands Up 2.2%

Well despite the Easter weekend, plenty people and companies are still listing numerous watches for sale on all the usual online retailers, and the prices they are asking are ever rising.

This week the market rose on average 2.2%

The Grey market index to 1170.1 + 26.8

The Used market index to 1136.7 + 37.5

and there is turnover in the market, these watches are selling at the prices demanded.

In a week where a single Rolex Daytona Rainbow sold for £160,000 more than it was bought for last year, it is to the stalwarts of the world of watch “investment” the Rolex Daytona 116500LN and the Patek 5711 that we turn to see the source of this weeks growth.

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Both these pieces were responsible for the main rise in both markets with the Batman and Pepsi GMT both contributing a small amount of growth as per normal.

So the market charges on, with seemingly no end in sight.

Have a great week