News : Week 16 Market Price Demands Up 1.4%

For this week now that I have a growing database of information, I have decided to change the format slightly to make it easier to get a handle on what is happening in the Grey and Used market.

So the first change is we will now use the actual week numbers for 2019, read obviously from our Patek Calatrava Week Calendar 5112A and that in the title we will report a single %age increase across both markets with the detail in the body of the text.

So at a glance, you will be able to tell if things are still on the rise (when was the last time they were not) and at just what pace on the previous week.

So here we go, the total market rise of demand pricing across the basket of watches I monitor is 1.4% with the details.

Grey market 1143.24 points up 16.09

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

Used market 1099.22 points up 16.66

Within this, as predicted after last weeks slight fall in BLNR prices we have had a small increase, I suspect this price will now only slowly tick over perhaps until the “Bat Woman” as the new Jubilee BLNR has been dubbed starts to appear on the market.

Tudor prices which had a leap last week, perhaps after people returning to the highly desired “Diet Pepsi” from the new less well received Tudor 2019 releases, have also leveled off at a new high.

This week the overall 1.4% rise has been steady but not excited by any particular watch, and the increase was nicely spread across all calibers, with perhaps the 15400 being the only range generally outperforming all others.

So a quietish week, let’s see what next Monday holds.

Have a great week and don’t buy what you can’t afford.