Scottish Watches Podcast #29 : Watch Chat With Adrian from Bark and Jack Part 2

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Time for some gentrification for episode 30 or 29 or whatever this is, Adrian from Bark & Jack joins us again for our usual hour of banter, Adrian signs on to speak to us and also signs on with the dole.

Rikkipedia is now officially a thing, along with the trademarked terms Jubilee and Oyster, (that’s us sorted for Rolex SEO terms)

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Is there more to life than Rolex, is there life after Rolex, for all these deep questions goto Hodinkee for us we just want to know about Adrian’s, controversial Batman sale!

Dolphin boy is selling his Batman, how dare he some are saying, but what does Adrian think about it all?

Is it all a big conspiracy, Area 51, the Loch Ness Monster, ChemTrails, New Coke and Adrian putting out videos to increase the price of his watch.

We conclude it is true and Adrian is the mastermind behind Rolex used price rises.

Adrian’s conclusion 1st world problem of the highest order!

Watchfinder is back offering Adrian an increased offer better than their first attempt and also producing a click-bait-tastic Rolex defect video that does actually properly pay off.

More importantly, a UK based Seiko Alpinist seems to have sold for just over £1000, happy days.

We ask how Rikki has Adrian’s wife’s phone number and if Adrian will be happy just having us in Scotland versus all the access he has in London, though it turns out we might serve a purpose in Adrian’s marriage via the power of interpretation.

We continue to try to avoid prison and poverty by heavily editing our recordings but just how much trouble would our blooper real get us all into, but remember guests we have all your outtakes, so they better all keep quiet.

We ask how sensitive really are the big watch brands to what gets said on podcasts and YouTube channels and how careful are said media productions about upsetting them in the first place, and what about all the DMs we get and does Bark & Jack get many?

We speak about the new Zodiac GMT, one of the watches of Baselworld 2019, and is there a fatal flaw in the bracelet and the GMT hand?



Adrian tells us more about his plan for world domination, so look out Hodinkee or should that be look out Archie Luxury?

And that is the show, we eventually let Adrian go back to bed with his hangover from his going away bash.