Scottish Watches Podcast #28 : De Bethune, G-Shock, Wristbusters and #halfwatchtuesday

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Its the Porridge episode and we start early with the “Rikkipedia” consultations, we have frankly given up on episode numbers for the next few episodes, but we have not given up on talking watches, really we have not.

Rikkis Ex talks back, time for me to run away and quickly. Potty mouth, although really Rikki is just jealous that his exs 1 episode podcast already has a leading watch company as a sponsor, and they are just as good as Rolex aren’t they?

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

We plug #halfwatchtuesday by @a_second_after_midnight and @jumpingjalapeno so why not join in any day will be fine, and @katlenschmidt leave after midnight alone – that’s harassment.

De Bethune say hi to the Scottish Watches Facebook page, check out the DB 28 yellow tones article on the website.

Rikki goes for a bike ride rather than cosplaying, no decent jokes there then, but Batman prices there are definitely some laughs there, but who is the joke on.

Will Archie come on Scottish Watches? We let you decide, we will probably ignore whatever you tell us, that’s just what we do with opinion polls in the UK.

For some reason, @wristbusters thinks I am now a “big name in the watch industry” and we have a good chat about folk posting fake watches, watches for sale and other people having a go at them for doing this, what do we conclude, absolutely nothing, except let’s make the internet great again that’s your job @horological_dicktionary

Lets just a go and live in a coca cola commercial, do Rolex still make the Coke?


We have some new additions to the list of watches that have been ruined for us, fresh up is the Patek “handgrenade” 5168G

and an oldy but a goodie the Patek 5270G “double chin”


We continue the Rolex pricing debate from last week with a focus on the BLNR  and have the price demands actually fallen in the last week, check our article:

Has the Chinese market really impacted on watch sales or is it all so much K-pop, and we recap on a great watch auction for a great cause.

Enjoy the show.