News : Gold Is Back, The Best Looking Watch In The World?

A few weeks ago we reported on yet another Gold watch release with the Omega Apollo 11 50th Anniversary, this hard on the heels of Casio and Doxa also releasing golden models.

But with what Wei Koh of Revolution Watch describes as “anti-gold” have De Bethune knocked it out of the park with the DB28 Yellow Tone.

This is not a gold watch but a gold-toned watch. We are all well used to seeing blue featuring heavy in De Bethune watches. The standard blue colour is coaxed out of the grade 5 titanium by heating at 700 centigrade and thus oxidizing the titanium to blue it, but this is different.

The blue we are all used to seeing from De Bethune


This time the heat and oxidization process results in warm yellow tones, and it is done throughout the watch, turning ever surface possible a suitable tone of yellow.

Is this the best looking watch in the world right now?
Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company


This is a truly glorious looking watch and it is very close to getting my nomination for a one watch collection, if it weren’t for the existence of the radial date Zeitwerk or De Bethune’s own DB28 Grand Sport, make the Grand Sport in this Yellow Tones and wow!

The DB 28 Grand Sport if you have not reviewed the specification of this watch yet, then make sure you do nothing else till you do.


The DB28 Yellow Tone still comes with the spherical moon phase at 6 o’clock which is just a delight and maintains accuracy to within one lunar day every 122 years, so your great grandchildren will be responsible for the watch correction.

The brilliant floating lugs system on this 42.6mm watch and triple “pare-choc” shock absorption means that this watch will fit most wrists perfectly, and take the pounding of being a daily wearer, but while it will fit most wrists it won’t fit most budgets coming in at around 95,000CHF, but come on look at it, sell your house raid the college or pension fund, get this on the wrist now.

Right now, for me, this is the best-looking watch in the world, what do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

Wei Koh and Suzanne Wong have recorded a great short video with Pierre Jacques of De Bethune and it is worth a look to see some more of this fabulous watch.