Scottish Watches Podcast #21 : The One Where We “Try” To Talk About The New Omega 50th Anniversary Moon Watch

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Welcome to episode 21 where Rikki is just back from Switzerland – not for a watch show this time but from the Geneva Motorshow! But just like watch shows he didnt get to try out or test drive any of the cars – how rare!

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Rick continues sleep writing and forgetting anything he has actually written, while Adrian from Bark and “Jock” sent us some freebies which Rick eventually managed to fit properly but the jury is still out on the Alpinist, but Geneva for Rikki was far from free.

Rikki wins the best segway award for linking to a great sale of Victorinox Watches from James Porter and Son, check them out, just leave poor old Rick an I.N.O.X till he comes home, please.

We ask what really is the situation with women with little clothing featuring on in watch adverts and can the watch industry and recent ad campaigns from Tudor and Oris/Revolution really learn a lesson from the car industry?

Please come to the website and like Hank from “Canada”, pick a fight with us in the comments section, that’s where the action is, bring it on.

Rikki says well done to Rick, and the world does not come to an end, but while the article was great the watch the article was about gets the F- for Rikki, but for Rick, it’s all about the Gold, and the Moonshine.

No one here has ever tried or succeeded to rig any online watch poll….we are with you.

We weigh up if the sum total of 6 watch straps, 2 baseball caps, and two party invitations  against 21 podcast episodes and 112 articles on the website.

RedBar Glasgow and Edinburgh experience a membership boost, how strange – and we report on how the G-Shock auction is going.

Finally, Rick get replaced, maybe forever, by a former guests more educated twin sister.

Check out the photos from Rikki’s Geneva Motor Show trip here –

Our photos and roundup from the RedBar Edinburgh meet up mentioned in this episode can be found

And if you want a last minute trip to Baselworld with us lot then click here to find out how to come along –

Some preview pics from the TAG 50 Years of The Monaco exhibition…

Watch spotting at the Geneva Motor Show (the Rolex GMT Master II 116710 LN was popular!) …

Rikki finds not only a “rare” Apollo 8 at the Geneva Omega boutique, but also 2 Proprofs in stock!

Wrist Watch Check:

You decide…


Wei Koh getting ahead of the game, yeah he really couldn’t “help but remember” 13.56 in. Pull the other one Wei, it has bells on

Not for episode 21, it doesn’t

A drinking sketch, how Scottish.