Event : First RedBar Edinburgh Watch Meet Up

It’s been a long time coming but half way through March our friends in the East had their first grass roots RedBar Edinburgh meet up – and it was a cracker!

Put together by Perth (yes thats his name, not a location) and David, this meet up was an unknown quantity being the first of its kind. There was a previous meet up but that was more an Oris showcase Perth explained to me over a pint of Diet Coke, before we started chatting about whats going on in the wonderful works of watches.

A lot of familiar faces appeared including the ever present Ticktockcollector (Logan), Gordi, Issac and other assorted familiars from the Glasgow meet ups and the Scottish Watch Fam on Instagram.

Running from 7pm through till 10, there were enough pieces and people around to keep the chat lively and entertaining from start to finish and has cemented another chapter in the Scottish watch enthusiast community showing that it doesn’t matter if you turn up with a Casio Royale Worldtime on a green bund strap or an H. Moser & Cie; you will be welcomed and treated equally.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

I was still shattered from returning home from the Geneva Motor Show in the early hours of the morning but still had an awesome time with some awesome people. I even found a little friend for my Speedmaster Apollo 8!

So well done to Perth and David for putting on a cracking night and here’s to the next!

Here is the full gallery, click through them at your leisure …