Scottish Watches Podcast #27 : A War of Words Between The Ricks Plus Rolex Go Tonto

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Well what can we say about episode 27, turns out that I really am a big picture guy and not in the slightest bit interested in details, just as well for Watchfinder.

We ask should we or should we not launch “Jock Straps” and try and get sued by Rolex, like Marc, and are we really all hoarding Swiss watches ahead of Brexit of is that just Watchfinder as well?

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

As I cannot remember who Richemont own I now have a handy poster.

We talk and talk, and highly edit and talk about Watchfinder, but this is really what you need to read about their Buy Back Guarantee.

Are Richemont owned Watchfinder planing a dastardly scheme to be the biggest used Rolex seller in the world?

I decide that I can join Rikki in being a watchmaker, and we apologise for any embarrassment caused to you while listening to us, if you check our terms and conditions you will find we accept no liabilty.

We launch “Rikkipedia” because my brain completely failed to fire during recording, while Rikki’s brain has BLNR price rises on a minute by minute viewing.

We are BOTH yes BOTH off to a watch event with Grand Seiko, my care package is all ready to accompany me and we commit to not buy Casios while at a Grand Seiko event, and I also commit to not speaking to anyone at the event, I have therefore filled my pockets with post-it-notes.

We also talk about Bremont how much money they are losing and if this is good for the long term or bad.

You should also check out Marc as we want to try and get him on the podcast, so send him messages on our behalf, but was he previously a UK TV personality, and then just as we decide to finish, Rikki reveals a very personal weekend activity he is up to.


Antoine de Caunes from Eurotrash


Marc André Deschoux from Watches.TV
Marc André Deschoux from Watches.TV

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