Review : Timex Yacht Racer, The Functional Fashion Watch

When I first saw this watch, I could not believe that something so seemingly complicated could be so nice to look at. I do have an affinity for ‘busy’ watches. The Breitling Navitimer Heritage is a grail for me, and one of the favorites in my collection is the Seiko Flight Chrono (SNA411). There’s something about being able to use my watch to do more than tell time that appeals to me, so, this watch is right up my alley.

This is not a small watch, nor does it wear smaller than its 46mm diameter. The case thickness of 14mm could fit under the sleeve, but this isn’t the watch for that. If a sleeve is over this, it should be a light jacket or raincoat. The dial is bold and with 6 hands needs to be. None of the hands are shaped the same. The hour hand is flat, the minute hand has an arrow, the seconds hand is a straight steel piece, the chronometer hand is yellow and hollow, the regatta timer is a red arrow with a yellow insert, and the function marker is a straight red bar. There is no wonder the diameter is so big.

Equipped with Intelligent Quartz, the watch has a Perfect Date feature that is essentially a perpetual calendar. Simply push in the crown and the yellow chronometer hand moves to show on the bezel what the date is. This automatically accounts for 28, 30- and 31-day months, and accounts for leap years. The battery is lithium and is rated to last 4-6 years.

I have had this watch a week and have worn it about every other day. The main complaint I have about the watch is its inaccuracy. On average, the watch lost 5 minutes every other day. I have a G-Shock that I use as a baseline for the watches in my box and the Yacht Racer, depending on if I had used the chronometer the day before, always needed to be set in the morning. I haven’t been able to figure out why it is losing time so rapidly and so abundantly, but I have an Invicta Pro Diver (26026) that has been more accurate over the course of the past week and that’s alarming.

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Speaking of alarms, there are plenty. There is a 5-minute, 3-minute, and 1-minute alarm. There is also an alarm signalling the last 5 seconds of the regatta timer. The watch beeps at the end of each minute using the timer as well.  One of the more unique features of the watch is the bi-directional chronometer hand. When the regatta timer is being used, the hand rotates counterclockwise. When the chronometer is engaged, the hand moves clockwise.

Lume isn’t very bright on this model, and it does not have Indiglo. I didn’t have much of an issue seeing the markers in the dark, but there are no indices for 2, 3, or 4. Stunningly, the regatta timer almost lines up with the inner markings of the dial, so the minute markers can almost substitute for indices. Unfortunately, they are not illuminated.

I have truly enjoyed this piece and look forward to wearing it more in the warmer months. It’s easy to read, easy to use, comfortable, unique… And if it breaks, I won’t flip out because of how affordable it is. This can currently be purchased on eBay for about $215 USD. If you’re looking for a watch that provides the same functionality of the Rolex Yacht-Master II, or you want a colorful piece to add to your collection, this watch checks both boxes without breaking the bank.