Your Latest #scottishwatches Photos

Hello and welcome to another weeks’ #scottishwatches top 5! It’s less of a competition and more about how I’m feeling at the time (I bet that still makes you wonder what order these are in though!)

As always I’ve chosen a good mix of random shots for a little diversity. So, let’s get stuck in!

First up we have this fantastic, moody shot of the Seiko Willard by @inktowatch. I bought one of these for my other half and can happily say both he and (more importantly) myself are very pleased with it. Wearing well on even a small lady wrist like mine yet maintaining a tough, versatile look is a tricky task but this watch nails it. Inktowatch has paired his with a khaki Nato and it JUST WORKS.

Now we get all dressy with the Rolex Batman on my personal favourite bracelet – the jubilee. Sure, it’s flashy, but it sure does wear well!

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

This shot by our very own @wildwristwatch is giving me “draw me like one of your french girls” vibes and I’m here for it. We’re even lucky enough to get a hint of lume too. Cheeky!

Speaking of dressy – it was FINALLY the release of the latest Bond movie! While the official watch has been available for quite some time, the film is a fantastic excuse to get that Omega out of the watch box and show it off to the world.

That’s exactly what @watch_diversion has done with this very lovely Planet Ocean! I’m a big fan of watches with a pop of colour, especially orange, and Omega’s co-axial chronometer GMT hits the spot perfectly.

It seems the suit has been swapped out for a little denim and shirt combo though and I’m not mad about it!

Good watches and bad puns are two of my favourite things, and one of my favourite combinations. With this in mind, I had to feature this super lume shot of the Bvulgari Octo Finissimo “White Light” by @zach.blass.

Not only is it a great shot of a great piece (go check out his page for the non-lumed shot too) … it also features a lume pun. It’s terrible. Which is exactly why I love it!

My last choice could be controversial as I’ve heard mixed reviews about these pieces. To me though, Credor is simple elegance – classic designs highlighted by beautiful clean lines.

This one may not be breaking any innovation barriers but it sure does make me smile looking at it. Thanks to for this great shot!

There we have it folks! Another week done. What do you think? Did I choose well? Or am I crazy for not picking your shot? If it’s the latter then get creative, remember to tag #scottishwatches in your post and if you’re feeling brave, you can always drop me a message and state your case!