#Scottishwatches Week 30

Here we go again! Another week and another avalanche of fantastic shots from the watchfam. With the weather (here in the UK at least) giving us four seasons in one week, I’ve been daydreaming of sunnier climates and more importantly which watches I’m taking with me! With that in mind, this week’s roundup is focusing on the shots that make me think of adventures because, let’s face it, we’re all dying to get out!

We start off with this offering from @frendymgee. Are they in a different country? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, they chose the Doxa Sub 750t GMT in orange and it’s a great choice. It’s always a pleasure to see them in the wild being used for their intended purpose – adventuring! I love the way the angles and ruggedness of the Doxa are mimicked in the mountains of the background too. A strong start to the travel theme!

If you want to know more about this watch, check out the reviews section for Frank Affronti’s thoughts.

So I mentioned the UK having confusing weather and this obviously includes a horrendous amount of rain. NOT the kind of adventure climate you want! However, sitting inside does give you the time to let your imagination wander and turn ideas into plans. For me, this is one of the most exciting parts. It’s this exact situation that @dr.day.date has captured perfectly. I love the use of natural light to highlight the watch that I certainly think of when travel is on the agenda – the Rolex Explorer II. No matter the location, this watch will suit all terrains (unless you’re diving the deep depths anyway!) with legible indices, a strong but wearable 42mm case and the very handy GMT function. Strong choice. Strong shot.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

Next up we have one of my favourite watches – the Czapek Abyss. If you’re not aware of the brand, then I’d recommend you go and check them out. The dial on the Abyss, in my humble opinion, is one of the most interestingly beautiful designs and I could happily get lost in it all day. With only 10 to exist in the world however the chances of seeing one of these in person is slim to none so I’m living vicariously through @dr.skinnywrist. Opting for a golden hour mood the backdrop of calm, deep blue water perfectly complements the dial while the 40.5mm steel case provides a subtle contrast.

Adventures don’t always need to be far away. You can find beautiful spots to get completely lost in right on your backdoor step. That’s exactly what our very own @time.on.her.hands has captured in her shot. Blue skies, golden fields, and greenery set the backdrop for the perfect adventure watch – the G-Shock! Lightweight and extremely durable these are a fantastic choice for anyone wanting an inexpensive adventure timepiece (that isn’t a Fitbit.) Time.on.her.hands has chosen the Redbarcrew one, which gives me all of the excitement and hope for watch meets up. SOON!

Last, but by no means least, I’ve chosen this shot by the talented @chronolytical. A super clean capture of the incredible Omega Worldtimer and my thoughts go straight to travel. The world is your oyster as they say, and the adventure possibilities are endless. The Seamaster range is full of fantastic choices for adventure watches; from the Planet Ocean to the Heritage lines, but this one is up there with my favourites. Giving us a multitude of time zones all in one beautifully detailed 43mm case this is a great choice for those who travel far and wide.

While I loved the shot, it was actually the caption that gave me the most post appreciation. ‘All this technology and this group of watch nerds we call the #watchfam still loves the mechanical artifacts we call watches.’ I really felt this. Keep appreciating the creativity, craftsmanship and innovation of the watch industry!

Thanks to everyone who posted this week. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Remember to keep hashtagging #scottishwatches and get creative with your shots!