Watch Microbrand Roundup – January

A couple of watches arrived at after I wrote the December 2020 Scottish Watches microbrand roundup article.

To kick off 2021, I thought I would briefly cover these, and also the first watch I covered this year.

Atticus Téleios

The Atticus arrived just too late for my Watch of the Year award – but it would have been a strong contender. The Téleios is a good-looking sports watch with a hint of the Rolex Oyster case design but with a dial that is all of its own. It looks and feels great on the wrist, but the 38mm case size might be a touch small for modern tastes. At $675 it is not a cheap proposition, but overall I was very impressed.

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Vario Trench Watch

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Another smaller watch, the Vario Trench takes the brand’s proven quality and applies it to a World War 1-style timepiece. I really liked the authenticity of the design, right down to its fixed wire lugs, but was concerned that it limits your strap options – a particular problem given the short length of the supplied bund. The enamel dial is crisp, with some great lume, and for £221 I can definitely recommend taking a look if your wrist is on the slender side.

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Reverie Diver

My current daily wearer is the Reverie Diver, which is now being sold direct by the brand after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s a sensibly-sized (40mm) dive watch with a few features that make it stand out: a guilloche dial, super-thin 12mm case and a decorated Miyota 9039 movement.

I was unhappy that the cool sliding clasp only allows access to half of the adjustment positions because of the width of the bracelet links but overall, it looks good and it wears well. The asking price of $490 is a touch high given my misgivings, but WRUK readers get it for $416.50 (just over £300). Perhaps not quite up to the “bang per buck” standard of the Rotary Super 7 Scuba, but not far off.

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That’s all for this month, please keep your eyes on WRUK for more written and video reviews, plus regular watch giveaways for readers and YouTube subscribers.