Scottish Watches Podcast #206 : With Ryan Schmidt Author of The Wristwatch Handbook

Great show today with housewives favourite Michael Bubble sorry Ryan Schmidt

Then some Lewis Hamilton news:

Martins of Glasgow Watch Servicing and Repair

So now we just need Vortic to weigh in and be beaten by Lewis, but that triggered Ryan, but not as much as this.

Then GPHG.

Sorry Breitling Sorry Barbara

Although to be fair Georges Kerns Drum solo at the the award ceremony was spectacular

So we have a way of beating the Altiplano, only it is a Rolex so will never be entered.

Surely this will bend if you tighten to strap too much

Then we are interrupted by Rikkis Fud.

Then the closest we get to a Rolex entry in GPHG…good game Rolex good game

Then we just line them up for Ryan.

Then the show we have always wanted…Scottish Calculators…so near yet so far.

Then this.

Now Tag…stop it, stop it now.

For those that don’t think they can handle Ryans book there is always this.

Then it is meme time and is this an unmemeable watch?

It turns out the answer is no.

What should have won all the awards…ever

and finally Ryans other watch for his two watch collection


Goto the post on Instagram @wristwatchhandbook advertising this episode, follow the account and of course @scottishwatches and leave a maximum of three suggestions for alternate GPHG categories, we will pick the best three suggestions to receive a copy of the book

Enjoy the show