Scottish Watches Podcast #194 : BarbaRants! – Catching Up With Barbara Palumbo

Grab the popcorn! We’ve got Babs back!

The world can only cope with one ranter at a time, so I gave up my space to Barbara…or Rochelle.

Barbara is recording todays show from the 4th floor of a book depository, allegedly…..

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First up Breitling. Then Dubai Watch Week.

Then the gloves finally come off.

Rant 1. Stop tagging @whatsonherwrist …. No really, oh, go on just do one last tagging, thats @whatsonherwrist, that is @whatsonherwrist Speedmasters and GMT’s particularly welcome

Rant 2. Passive aggressiveness will be met with house burning.

Rant 3. Don’t Mansplain. (That is when men explain stuff to women, for the women wondering)

Rant 4. Don’t tag her with Panerai… Paneristi Assemble! that is @whatsonherwrist

This is the Maals Episode



And Babs back catalogue

and as she has successfully demonstrated not swearing for an hour she will be on the live show soon!!

Still on mute though!

Enjoy the show