HalfWatchTuesday : Ask me anything….

So, I’d thought I’d do something a little different this week, after gaining inspiration from Omair’s Q&A with Mitch Mason Watches earlier on last week. Week after week, you guys sit and read stuff regarding our own personal opinions regarding new releases, strap preferences and even our own experiences within AD’s. So, this week I’d thought I’d do something different and give you guys, the watchfam, the opportunity to ask me anything: our own Q&A if you like. It can be something specific about my experiences or my own collection or something more general as to my opinion about something pressing in the horological world. Or even something totally unrelated (this’ll be both dangerous and interesting…) I’ll collate and  dwell over any questions I do get (if any!) and write back in a couple of weeks with my responses. I await with bated breath….

In case y’all have not realised, both Omair and myself love when a mashup comes together. None more so than our old pal @rw_m100 who clearly mixes his love of watches with another one of all our loves, cycling. And can i see, the skill to mash this up is on point! Sweet work man.


I can imagine it’s difficult enough for folk to choose what watch they’re going to wear on a daily basis, but the thought of having that choice as part of a wider daily carry increases the stress ten-fold! @whisky_sith makes this look ridiculously easy however, clearly reaching for his Seiko above all others. Mint shot chief!

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

A bit of vintage goodness from @warrbear who gives us two for the price of one with two lovely vintage Seikos. That Bullhead is particularly nice with the uniqueness of the day date window. Loving the shot man!

@dc_watchcollection takes us for a stroll through nature and finds the perfect mix of light and contrast to give us a quite lovely shot of his Casio. Cracking capture!

Another stunning mashup to bring you, this time from the camera of @wristchack who gets its pretty much spot on with his Zelos mashup. Honestly I couldn’t do better myself!!

Not to be outdone in the awesomeness steaks is @mrgsince1983 capturing his Seiko SBBN039 quire perfectly behind the lens of his camera. The sharpness of this is just stunning matey, amazing shot!

Rounding us off quite spectacularly is @watchwayup who not only captures his Speedy in itself quite expertly but also takes the reflection aspect to a whole new level. Quite simply…brilliant.

Well, that’s us for this week folks. I’m not sure whether I’m more intrigued or worried about the calibre of questions I’ll get over the next two weeks, I guess time will tell. Until then, stay safe and look after those whom you love.

Yours in horology