Scottish Watches Podcast #168 : What Would Jesus Wear?

Scottish Watches Podcast #168 : What Would Jesus Wear?

Get your WWJW lume braclets on, yup we go where no show has gone before.

but before that we mourn the passing of the Argos Catalogue. You can check out you birth year catalogue here

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

get yourself a travel clock

you got to love some retro

how about a knock of Arnie in 1990

Then we talk Hashtags #makehashtagsgreatagain

Rikki went to see Robin #robinsnotdeadyet who is tripping around the UK…(that is not right E.d)

17th of August our secrets will be revealed, but here is a new one from MG first

get your car wash magazine here.

but will someone send me an airfix kit please.

then we talk Ming

Then we talk office chairs….no reason..nudge nudge…then more Balls

then the evangelical conspiracy continues

then some news from Chrono24 in the USA

then more fish the Arnold & Son Ultrathin Tourbillon Koi

if not your thing then perhaps this would be more you the Frederique Constant Runabout RHS Chronograph.

then a new hastag. #horologicalworldmap and administrators have been called in to William & Son.

then we talk about Bob #theblockbuster watch

then the wheels come off.

So listener tells us who wears what.

We leave you with my favorite joke.

enjoy the show