Last Week (In Watches) Today – Angry at Tudor – ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX – NEW OMEGA ALERT 

 New Rolex announcement planned – ALARM!! 


 Rolex has now – sort of – confirmed that they will release new watches in 2020. According to the industry page authorized dealers and the press were asked to empty their calendars for the first 4 days of September. Apparently, this will be a global launch! So, hang in there – life savings new wrist bling is coming for the luxury watch deprived pandemic world. 

Unlikely predictions: 

  • Milgauss Chrono – nicknamed the Usain Bolt  
  • Time only Daytona 
  • Daytona gets a DATE 

Totally likely predictions (will happen one day): 

  • Submariner gets the upgraded 70hr power reserve movement 
  • Explorer 1 gets lumed hour indices 
  • Milgauss gets an upgrade 
  • Steel Yacht Master 
  • A new (revolutionary) colour Bezel for some watch 
  • A new (revolutionary) dial for some watch 


Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Whatever it will be Rolex will release – we will hold our breath until then… 

 Porsche Design: 


Their cars are brilliant no doubt about that – if you ever drove one, you are hooked. I speak from experience. Nothing comes close to their handling and just pure joy of driving in their cars. Porsche was, probably still is,  the most profitable car manufacturer in the world. I had a lengthy discussion with a sales rep once arguing why I should pay 300 Euros for them putting THEIR logo into my seat’s headrest. I thought the more brand logos they put on the car the less I should pay. They did not follow my cunning logic though. Anyhow the Porsche Design team (not the design team of Porsche) have now created a watch that follows the INSANE configuration option of their cars. If you ever configured a Porsche, you know what I am talking about, you want your air vent blades in a different colour – no problem, you want them “personalized” – covered in leather (really) no problem, oh by the way, would you prefer the fuse box covered in leather – no problem?  

Enough of cars – the new watch can be configured to match your new super personal Porsche colour setup. You can choose your rotor for the automatic movement – which is a miniaturized version of original Porsche wheels, various colourways, case material (as long as it’s Titanium),  bracelet optionshands  – all variants feature the new in-house calibre 01.100It’s great fun to play around with the configurator (only available in German at the time of writing). But (like the cars) be aware – changing the rotor to a cool wheel design (and I mean cool) costs you, depending on the colour (!!), between 1,900 and 2,900 Euro. Yeah, that’s just the rotor….but again – they look pretty cool and for reference – I own a titanium Porsche Design Dashboard Chronograph for a couple of years now and I think I paid less than an orange rotor upgrade for it…. 


 Angry Tudorians

Oh my, oh my… the Tudor Black Bay 58 in blue created such a hype – the watch was immediately sold out everywhere and guess what, it’s readily available at Chrono24 for juicy premiums. Tudor very quickly stepped into Rolex footsteps creating quite a backlash with many Tudor fans who insist this brand should be accessible, affordable and not as crazy unavailable as Rolex. 

Personally – I believe that with the new Tudor/Kenissi factory starting production of movements in 2021 in LeLocle (Neuchâtel) we will see a higher output and hence better availability. So hopefully it will be possible to buy even the hotter Tudor models at normal retail price without months or years of being on waiting lists.  

Parmigiani – that’s where all the old Rolex casebacks go…. 

Ever wondered what Rolex does with the old casebacks when they replace your caseback during service with a new one? Yeah – they sell them to Parmigiani to use as bezels for their new Tondagraph GT. Starting at smooth $19,500 US…. 


 Overall this is very cool and sporty watch from Parmigiani Fleurier – a nice annual calendar Chronograph overall that I like quite a lot. I really like to see more and more of the historic brands creating great looking and modern time pieces again. 

 New OMEGA ALERT – Omega Constellation – this is pretty much the biggest news for me. 

A new designed Constellation men’s model in 41mm. Personally I never liked the Constellation line, neither did my wife. It was the embodiment of MEH – one of the reasons (in my mind) Omega was a bit on the backfoot compared to Rolex. Not anymore. The new Constellation is actually gorgeous – I can’t believe how a few little changes here and there make this watch not only “acceptable” but actually really nice. Take a look at their images…. Starting at $5,850 USD and will be available in various steel, steel and gold and all gold versions coming with the awesome 8900 or 8901 Master Co-Axial METAS certified Chronometer movement.