Scottish Watches Podcast #160 : With ABlogToWatch – Watches 101 – Episode 4

Scottish Watches Podcast #160 : With ABlogToWatch – Watches 101 – Episode 4

So here we are it is question time and we have more than enough to do several shows. So thanks to all those that submitted.

Ariel has this number from Tag on his wrist

James Porter and Son

Rikki has this from Tockr.

and I have this from Horage.

First up we have a question about evaluating in-house v bought in movement?

Second, from Liam Mulholland all about vintage, paying over list and a little addendum from me regarding auctions…light the blue touch paper and light Ariel up.

Have a read here for some background on recent events

Now over to Vincent Davidson asking about a very nice Milgauss and Box and Papers.

Here is Adrians take on it also.

Then from Jason Hoops; are there any fashion watches worth purchasing….yes there is…this one, from Fossil, feel free to all chip in for me.

Then a question from Simon Mac about cheese and tracksuits.

Then something sensible from Paul Greehorn about watch materials.

Have a look at this wooden watch from Ukraine

Zach Blass asks another blue watch question.

Ariel picks this.

Then my favourite brand that I will never buy, Breitling, but if I did it would be this one.

Then the money shot of Ariel.

Enjoy the show